Thursday, November 03, 2011


I hate when I wait too long between blog posts because then I have too many things to write and not enough time to write it all.

Ah, such a curse, right?!

I will focus on some Halloween activities, because Halloween pictures are always cute.

The weekend before Halloween I ran my first official 5K. I have run a 5K distance, and more, before the race, so I wasn't at all concerned about that, but I was definitely nervous about doing it in an organized run. I ran in the "Pumpkin Push 5K" at Seward Park, so the route was gorgeous and it was a truly beautiful, sunny day in Seattle, so we got lucky! I went with a new friend, and we ran most of the race together, chatting along the way. I decided to break ahead on the only hill about 1/2 way through since, well, I don't know, I guess I just felt like it. I finished the run with a respectable 33 min chip time, though I was hoping for 30 mins or less. 33 mins put me smack in the middle of the females in my age range, though, so I have nothing to complain about! There were photographers there, but I didn't order the pictures. You will just have to imagine how bad-ass I looked racing towards the finish line!

On Saturday afternoon the girls and I carved pumpkins. Sadly, all I have is our "before" shots because I was lazy taking "after" shots and when we got home from trick-or-treating someone had taken the girls' pumpkins off of our porch and smashed them in the street. Let me tell you, it really sucks having to explain to sad children why someone would smash the pumpkins they worked so hard on. I was pretty angry, but what can you do, other than take better precautions next time?

On Halloween night I suddenly realized that I was in no mood to go trick-or-treating, but once we starting getting ready (and by "we" I mean, I got Iris and Eloise ready) I got more in to the spirit. Their costumes are pretty great every year, and for the past few years they decided on their own what they would be, but this year was super fun. I present to you, Medusa and the Angel!

 Turning Iris to stone.
 I felt very "Toddlers and Tiaras" applying eye liner to my five year old.

I made Eloise's headband, though I wasn't very pleased with how it held together. I hot glued the plastic snakes to a fabric covered headband. The snakes kept coming off! I didn't know another way to get them to stay on, so by the time we were trick-or-treating the head piece had already lost about three snakes.

Last year we went trick-or-treating in my husband's sister's 'hood. Their particular hood, and house, go ALL out for Halloween. It's amazing. Hundreds of kids flock there for Halloween so it's also very fun to see so many people out and about. My sister-in-law and her husband live in a communal house with many very smart and very talented people so they put on a huge production for Halloween. Last year they did an elaborate zombie theme and this year they did a "twisted circus" theme. My brother-in-law said they gave out 1700 pieces of candy, with one piece to each child who came through (of course, some kids came more than once, but certainly not ALL!)

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  1. Ah yes costume pictures are always cute! About the snakes - how about attaching them to the headband with pipe cleaners, twist ties, or just a thin piece of bendable metal?


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