Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh what a day.

Happy Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving. It is kind of the perfect holiday in that it isn't full of buying stuff-- except food-- and you get to spend a fun day with friends and family. For the past few years we have spent Thanksgiving at the home of friends we love. My husband has known them for most of his life (and I have known them for as long as I have known my husband) and all of our kids are about the same age. It is such a joy to see how much has changed every year while also having so much about the tradition stay pretty much the same. The food is always amazing, the kids are always loud, the grown-ups are always laughing. So perfect.

Today, though, we were hit with a couple decent sized annoyances before we were able to enjoy ourselves. This morning I took the family dog running with me, which I have never done before. I figured she needed the exercise since we would be gone all day and I knew it wouldn't be a fast or long run for me. Just past my turn around point a couple with two dogs came past and my dog tried to lunge at them. I held her leash short and she reared up on her hind legs, in the process I lost my footing on the wet asphalt and came crashing down. I scraped my left thigh and elbow pretty good and sat on the ground stunned for a moment before I started crying. I freaked out because my piriformis muscle on that side had been in a lot of pain for a few days and I immediately thought I was toast after the fall. I got up, brushed myself off and limped home. The verdict is still out on how much damage I did beyond the road rash/bruising/swelling, but hopefully it isn't as bad as I imagine.

I was pretty sad/mad/annoyed with the whole thing and had to muster up some energy to carry on with the rest of day. I started to realize it wasn't the worst thing in the world (yes, I can be pretty melodramatic!) and that I had so much be grateful for all around me on Thanksgiving day.

A few hours later my family got ready and piled in to the car. It had been making a bad noise but, well, we were getting used to random bad noises with the car. It was concerning, but didn't overly worry us. On our way to our friends' house some warning lights started coming on, then it became hard to steer. We pulled over at a gas station and we finally figured out that the girls and I would take a cab to our friends' house while Matt waited the hour plus for the tow truck. What a pain in the ass. Our friends went to pick Matt up and they got back to their house just as the food was being set out for dinner. Thank goodness. A beautiful meal with people we love made the troubles of the day fall away.

I am so thankful that although the car is broken we are able to get it fixed. Despite plunking down almost a grand two weeks ago to get something else fixed. Or maybe this is finally the time to get a new car? We will see. But either way, thank goodness for my husband's job. Thank goodness for our health. Thank goodness for love and family and being together and getting through the shitty stuff but being in it together as a team.

Earlier this week all four of us worked together to put together an IKEA bed for Eloise. It took four hours, but we did it. Yes, the girls got in the way a bunch and a few little things went awry, but we did it. We worked as a team, and I am so thankful to have this team, my family, on Thanksgiving day and every day.

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