Sunday, November 13, 2011

Running, soccer, home school, babysitter and snow. In that order.

Oh geez, too long between updates! Things have picked up even more around here, I suppose.

Last week I signed up to run a 10K in December. Um, yeah. I signed up kind of randomly so that I would have the chance to run with a cool group of ladies I met online, but I do think I will be ready for it. Last weekend I ran 4.5 miles in an hour and this weekend I did 5.4 miles in just under the same amount of time. Since a 10K is 6.2 miles, I should be good to go a month from now! Whew! If you would have told me even three months ago that I could run for an hour straight I would have said "No WAY. Nope. I would die." and I have to admit that I constantly amaze myself at what I am able to accomplish, which is always a good feeling.

Today was Eloise's last soccer game of the season. I have to admit, I am glad. I definitely go through phases where I am excited to take on more activity in our lives, but then I appreciate the break when that activity is done. Especially with the cold weather descending on us and the lack of sunlight . . . . it's a good time of year to scale back. Eloise has said she wants to join soccer again in the Spring, which is great. She can be a bit of a, well, jerk, on the soccer field sometimes and that has proven a bit frustrating. Today, for instance, she just randomly whacked one of the girls from the other soccer team and then told her coach that she didn't touch her. Grrrr. However her skills and her enthusiasm for the game are improving, so that is wonderful.

We got a whole pile of brand new curriculum for Iris's homeschooling and I am excited to dig in tomorrow. There will be a week of school and then a whole week off, as our home school schedule follows Eloise's public school schedule. Last week when Eloise stayed home sick one day I learned that it is very tricky to do school with Iris when Eloise is home. I am sure if I got a little more creative I could figure out ways to keep Eloise busy or do a project that engages both of them, but, well, sometimes I don't feel very creative.

Iris has a new babysitter that comes five hours a week and we both looooove her. She does cool projects with Iris, like teaching her how to make little felted characters, and takes her rollerskating and plays with her. Iris likes the break from me and I like the break for a little alone time and time to do errands without dragging Iris along.

Last but not least, I am really excited for Christmas and winter to get here! I just read a weather report that said it will get cold enough for possible snow this week and I doubt there is anyone in Seattle who wants it to snow worse than I do! Growing up in Wisconsin, you would think I would have had my share of snow, but no. Getting snow in Seattle is such a treat. If snow was here for months while temps hovered around freezing, I would be singing a different tune, but a few days of being dumped on before it all melts away is always welcome.

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