Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas break, part II

On Wednesday the girls and I ventured out for some last minute (or at least, fairly last minute for my taste!) and then downtown to the Seattle Center for some ice skating. The girls had never been ice skating and as for me? Well, it's been yeeeeeeears. I honestly couldn't say for sure the last time I donned ice skates.

The rink was fairly small and packed with people, but we had a great time. Since the girls are both good at roller skating they picked up on ice skating pretty quickly.

Iris kind of looked like she was going to break her ankle. She said she couldn't keep her feet straight up and down, so I tried not to worry about it too much.

I am glad we were able to give ice skating a try. I know there are some indoor places in the area so we may check those out some day.

Eloise went back and forth between skating alone just fine and then wanting to use a "walker". The little girl she was next to became her new BFF at the rink. She  just went around and around with the girl and her mother, I couldn't get anywhere near her. I kept wondering if the girl's mom (the dad was there, too) thought Eloise was some random stray child who attached herself to them a wee bit too enthusiastically.

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