Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas break, part III

This morning it was time for "gingerbread" houses! I say it like that because no actual gingerbread was harmed in the making of the houses. We have been using graham crackers for the past three years because it is just so much easier. In the past I have bought gingerbread house kits, and those are even easier, but our version works when you are racing around at the last minute to every store in town and they are all sold out of kits (not that I speak from experience or anything . . . ). I guess you could say my procrastination three years ago led us to a wonderful new tradition! 

The girls and I picked out a few different kinds of candy. Every year it's a different assortment.

First words out of Eloise's mouth this morning were "can we go make gingerbread houses now?!?!" We typically do the houses on Christmas Eve, but this year I made the decision to do them on the 23rd. Matt is home today and we have so much to do tomorrow, I figured it best to spread the festivities out a bit more.

The next two pictures are Matt and Iris's house. It is a boathouse. It appears there is a party going on, lots of gummy bears wearing marshmallow hats!

Oh, man. My stomach is killing me. I go absolutely crazy for candy. It is a problem.

 This year we built the houses in teams. In previous years we each had our own, but I like this way a little more. Lord knows we don't really need four separate houses full of candy sitting around!

 Below is Eloise and my house. It is a cabin with an ocean and a boat. 

Iris decided to connect them both.

My silly monkeys!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

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