Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting ready for "the big one"

Tomorrow I will be attempting my longest run to date-- a 10K. Or 6.2 miles, for you American readers. But doesn't 10K sound nicer? I think henceforth I will report all of my runs in kilometers, as it sounds so much . . . more. So, yeah. A 10K. I waffled back and forth on this until only a few days ago. Since I was hit with some recent set-backs I had no idea if I would be ready. But I think I am. I suppose we will find out! Today I am feeling kind of awful-- really starting to wonder if my recent issues are the same I got rid of when I booted gluten out of my diet for a year. I think after Christmas I will try to eliminate it again and see how I feel, because I am tired of almost daily nausea/stomach pains once again.

So, yeah. A 10K! I am wearing the same outfit I wore last weekend for the Jingle Bell Run since this is another holiday themed run. I am currently making sure my ipod playlist is up to par and trying to figure out the best way to watch my time while I run. Since I *think* I am getting a fancy running watch for Christmas I put off buying one, but now I really, really, really wish I had one. It's going to be a little tough to run this without being keenly aware of my pace. My mantra will just be "go slow!" Most of the runners tomorrow are going to be running a 5K so the first half of the run everyone will be speeding past me. A sort tortoise and the hare scenario, if you will. If I try to keep up with them, I will wear myself out instantly.

Last night my fitness/running class buddies (most of the gals overlap the two classes, which are taught by the same instructor) gathered for a holiday party and gift exchange after our last class of the year. Man, I adore these ladies so very much. They have pushed me and supported me and run beside me, literally and figuratively, for the past few months. I can't wait to see what the new year holds for our group!

The classes are taking a break until the new year and I plan on taking it easier over that time. Not totally off-- if only because it is so crazy hard to get back in to it after a complete break.

After the break, though, I am jumping in to training mode. Back in October I signed up to run a half marathon in June 2012, but I have a sneaking suspicion I might be ready before then. Planning to maybe think about possibly running The Lake Sammamish Half in March (shhh!) if training in the new year goes well. I like the idea of my first half being, well, much smaller than the Rock-n-Roll Half. We will see.

It depends very much on whether or not I keel over and die tomorrow at the 10K.

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