Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

The other day on Facebook Mel from Tall Mom on the Run posted that a group was hosting something called a Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K (although I think the registration is closed now). It is a 10K that has to be run between December 23rd and the 26th. I decided to do mine today!

I was supposed to meet one or two gals from my running class at Starbucks on Alki but for whatever reason they weren't where I thought they were going to be. One of the gals was only running three miles so I figured I would do two-ish loops of the run she plotted, but no worries, I would do the run by myself! I psyched myself up to run my second 10K in a week, this time alone, and headed back to my car to plot the run on my phone. This was a tedious and frustrating process as it's hard to plot an actual run versus just get directions on google maps on my phone. I found something I thought would work and set off south towards beach drive. My turn-around point was the Menashe House.

 Photo Credit: West Seattle Blog

Of course, it was during the day, so the house didn't look quite like this (but all of the lights were on!)

It was a gorgeous day. Overcast, low 40's, a slight breeze but no actual wind . . . or rain! 

I headed back north towards the Starbucks and ate my peppermint Gu. I wished I had worn my water belt and had contemplated heading back to  my car to take a few swigs of water, but I decided to press on and finish the run. I had a general idea of how far I had gone, based on my mapping, but I decided to not worry about my time since even being a little off in my calculations could really skew my perceptions of my pace and it wasn't worth the worry.

After eating my Gu (can you really call it eating? It's not drinking, though. More like slurped, maybe?) I headed northwest on Alki until I hit somewhere around where I thought my turn-around point was. I paused for a moment and high-tailed it back towards Starbucks.

It turned out I actually ran 6.47 miles in a time of 1:07. Not too shabby, that was about what I ran my 10K last weekend in.

I stopped and got a cafĂ© mole for Matt and I on my way home. Nom nom nom. 

I asked Matt to snap a photo of me when I got home. This is my new running skirt! Yesterday I wore this exact same outfit just without my (heart) Delridge shirt over it. With my pink hat and pink accented sneakers I figured I looked like what Elle Woods would look like if she were a runner. Ha! 

The jury is still out on the running skirt. I loved it yesterday but today it felt a little too lose. I am worried I bought the wrong size. I got two identical styles and sizes but this one even fit tighter than the other one and I have to send that one back. 

Anyways, the outfit wasn't festive, in terms of Christmas, but it was still fun!

I am glad I got this run done today. Now I can set to work cooking Christmas Eve dinner and eat to my heart's content tonight!

Merry Christmas!

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