Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a good New Year's Resolution. The perfect resolution is tricky. It has to be attainable (but still something that requires work) and measurable. For instance, last year my resolution was to read 50 books. It wasn't crazy, 50 books is pretty attainable and it was a jump up from, well, probably every year of my life since I started reading "grown up" books. One year I resolved to learn to bake bread-- that one was trickier than it sounds, but I did it!

This year it seems logical that my resolution center around running. I immediately thought that it should be to run a 1/2 marathon but that plan is already in the works. It doesn't quite feel like the ideal resolution when I have been planning it for a couple of months. Then I thought it could be to run a certain number of miles. I know some people will try to run, say, 1,000 miles in a year (which is basically 20 a week). I think right now that is too many miles for me to commit to, but it could work if I scaled back some.

But it doesn't have to be about running. I will run regardless if it is a resolution! How about something else to help make me a better person in 2012? Or a better mother? Or I could learn a new skill? Or work a certain amount on my novel (that I am STILL stuck on!)? Or I could finally get the job I have been needing to get for a while.

It will be an interesting year, no doubt. I could have never predicted what 2011 would bring me! Such is the excitement of it all, no?


  1. How about something fun like "figure out the math program for Iris!" :D

  2. My resolution is to relearn Algebra (and maybe calculus!). I'm not sure it will happen because of time constraints. And I'm hoping it will be easy because I don't remember any of it!

  3. Haha, yes, that would be a good resolution! Fortunately (or not) I have to figure it out anyways :)

    J-- love yours!


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