Friday, December 02, 2011

Running and weight loss

I started my fitness kick with only one goal in mind: lose weight for Maui. Maui came and went last May (and yes, I am still sad that we couldn't stay there forever!) but luckily the fitness bug seems to have stuck with me.

Since I have begun running am I still concerned with numbers, only now they aren't on the scale, they are how many miles am I running and what my times are. Do I still get on the scale? Yes, but I quickly check the number and that's it. To be honest, I am not watching what I eat *that* closely, so the number on the scale tells simply confirms that I am not out-eating my fitness efforts.

This week something incredibly exciting happened, though. I had to get an outfit to wear to my husband's work Christmas party and strolled in to the first store I recognized at the mall: Banana Republic. I admitted to the saleslady that I am woefully inept at dressing nicely and asked for her help in picking something out. She grabbed handfuls of clothes and hung them in the dressing room for me. I quickly scanned the picks and began trying them on. Eventually I came across and adorable skirt that had a size 8 tag on it. I paused, and decided to try the skirt on, just for giggles. Maybe the skirt would slide up to my thighs, I thought.

I pulled the skirt on. It went all the way up. The zipper? It zipped. It. Looked. Awesome. Now, I am well aware that all clothes are sized differently and a size 8 skirt at one store might be the same size as 12 in another, but still. It was a fun moment. I ended up leaving the store with a dress and a shrug, both in sizes smaller than I have worn in many, many years. Probably should admit that I came home and ordered the skirt online-- lord knows what I will wear it with, maybe everything? Who cares!

After my muscle injury and fall last week I have struggled with getting back in to running the last few times I have been out. On Sunday I went to watch the runners at the Seattle half and full marathon and is was incredibly inspiring to watch everyone giving it their all despite the cold, wind and rain. I left the race to go running myself on a trail along Alki, which is on the Puget Sound. It was a rough, rough run with the awful weather. However I did four miles in my fastest time yet, so that is something to be proud of! At the end of the run I sat down in my car to make a phone call to my sister. As I stared out at the water while chatting I saw several heads surface and slip back in to the water-- it was seals! I screamed in to my poor sister's ear and jumped out of the car. Five seals were swimming by right in front of me. What a treat! I have lived in Seattle for just over ten years and have never seen seals. I hear them all of the time, but have never seen them. I also have never seen whales, but that is another story for another day.

A low-key running class on Tuesday where I had a lot of one-on-one attention from my instructor helped me reinvigorate even more. I got some pointers on my form plus some great stretching and exercise ideas to help stave off any more injuries. Hopefully the upward trend in my training continues.

Now I have to gear up for a couple of holiday runs-- I signed up to do a 5K and a 10K, though I still am not 100% sure I can do the 10K, I may change it to a 5K. I will probably know within a week or so if I will feel ready.

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