Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Runs Tacoma 10K

Little did I know that TODAY was going to be the best run yet! I did it. I ran my 10K! My time was 1:02:58, which I am pretty darn proud of. I know that I want to run a sub one hour 10K, so I did have that time in the back of my head, wondering how close I would get to it. I am definitely within range to hit my goal soon, soon, soon! First and foremost, though, is that I loved every minute of the run. I felt great the entire time. I only stopped running to get water at the 5K turn-around point, which was a goal I was hoping to attain. I didn't know if I could run the whole thing. I also ran faster the second 5K than I did the first, which is considered to be a good thing (at least, according to my fitness coach!) I placed 20/39 for the females running the 10K in my age group, as well.

I thought I was going to be dying the rest of the day, but I feel fine. I was/am tired, but I had to get up pretty early, so I am no more tired than I would usually be on an early rising day.

The other really fun thing is that I finally got to meet some of the awesome, inspirational runners that I have been stalking following online. I am also in a facebook group with these ladies and was happy to be sorta part of their group for this run by wearing a matching outfit. I met Mel from Tall Mom on the Run,  Kerrie from Mom vs Marathon, Zoe from Run Zoe Run, Kim from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls, Tiffany from Musings of a Runner Girl and Alma and Karla, who I think have blogs but I can't seem to locate them right now. And I hope that is everyone I met-- I found the group just after I crossed the finish line so I was a wee bit out of it! Three of the ladies posed for this picture with me later:

That would be the race director who photo bombed us! ha!

And here is my bib (interesting how it looks white with red numbers in the photo above!). I love that I got 2012 because that is going to be MY year!

Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Great job! Have you tried trail running at all? I did a couple races this year and they were a lot of fun! I'm planning on doing more next year, probably starting in March or so. It would be fun to "run" into you at some point. and are two great hosts in the area.

  2. Thanks Laura! I haven't tried trail running yet, for two reasons: one, well, I don't know where the trails are, and two, I run without my glasses on and am therefor practically blind. I wouldn't feel very safe on trails right now! Am working on getting sports glasses (and some day, Lasik!) It would be so much fun to see you out some time!


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