Sunday, December 18, 2011

Something other than running, perhaps?

So I realized that I have inundated my blog with posts about running lately. Many apologies to those of you who come to read updates on something other than that! I have wondered if running deserves its own spin-off blog, but I just don't have the energy to set that up right now.

Saturday marked our official first day of Christmas break. I have such a love/hate relationship with school, both at home and at public school so I usually really look forward to the breaks so we can sloooow down.

Iris has been cruising right along in her home school curriculum and we have both really enjoyed having everything so mapped out for us. Our fancy pants math curriculum is a little to, errr, fancy for me to figure out right now, so I am just working through a more basic one for now. When I ordered it I don't think I realized what a steep learning curve the curriculum would have just to start using it. Yeesh.

Eloise received her first ever report card (awwww!) so that was kind of fun. For her age they don't grade the children with the typical A, B, C in subject areas, but rather they assign them a number that corresponds to their level of momentum in certain areas. Like a 1-2 if they just can't seem to grasp a concept or a 4-5 if they are just flying along past expectations. Eloise is doing solidly average on everything expected of her, which is what I would have thought for her. Apparently she is still working on her "classroom civics" or something like that . . . again, exactly what I would have thought for her!

A couple of weeks ago Iris and I went with friends to visit our "local" American Girl store (I love that they call it the Seattle store when it's like 15 miles north of the city!). It was a pretty rotten visit, as it turned out Iris was sick, but we did get a cute picture of her in front of the store with her Felicity doll!

I promised her we would go back again when she didn't feel so terrible. AFTER Christmas. Good lord, that place was an absolute zoo!

It is all about American Girl in our house right now. Kind of a racket, but you know, I am sure I would have loved them when I was Iris's age, so I understand it.

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