Friday, December 09, 2011


The other night I got a notice from Goodreads that I have read 46 of my 50 book goal for the year. CRAP. I remember a time in the year when I was on track to easily read 75 books. Then, what happened? Well, this school year and my new fitness routine happened. So that means when I fling myself in to my bed at night I am so tired I can barely randomly punch buttons on my phone to check Facebook, let alone read and process a story line. It's kind of sad, really. I do have three books in my pile that I can put on my Goodreads list, but they are all non-fiction running references. Interesting (at least, to me), but not really in the intended spirit of reaching a reading goal.

So, yeah, my days are busy. Well, maybe not always busy, but definitely always exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting, I'm just going to say it: I kind of am starting to be annoyed with Christmas. It feels like everything is being jam packed in to a few short weeks. Money, time, patience, energy, you name it, it's in short supply right now. Kind of driving me crazy. I think about all of the stuff we "have to" do before Christmas-- and it's all awesome, fun, wonderful stuff-- but it just stresses me out to think about doing it all in a limited amount of time. I wish we could save some of this activity for the doldrums of February! Of course, I sound like a jerk complaining about it, because how lucky am I to have my biggest complaint be that I have too many amazing things in my life taking me too many directions at the same time?

Thankfully Matt has been taking off Fridays all month long so that has been immensely helpful. Today he was Iris's "substitute" teacher and it was such a weight off my back to know she was getting her lessons done without me even being at home. AND he took her on her field trip this week . . . to see the Gingerbread Houses!

The girls will be on their winter break from school starting on the 19th and can I just say that I am so very excited for it? I honestly am. I like having them home and having free time with them to just do whatever, even if that means sitting in our jammies all day watching Phineas and Ferb. In fact, I think that will be exactly what day one of Winter break will hold for us.

Day two will be reading my last few books to hit my goal for 2011.

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