Saturday, January 14, 2012

10K at Magnuson Park

This morning I ran a 10K at Seattle's Magnuson Park. When I signed up for it I didn't realize the weather was going to, well, be about as bad as Seattle's weather gets. BUT! If I ran through that, I am a true bad ass, right?

First things first, I PR'd (got a personal record)! 58:39, which was about 4 1/2 minutes faster than my Santa Runs Tacoma 10K. At this rate it won't take long for me to check off one of my resolutions, to run a 10K race in under 55:00.

In the back of my head I am aware of negative splits, but I don't really put TOO much thought in to making them happen. I was really pleased when I got my splits off of my watch and saw that my last mile was my fastest, and my first was my slowest! Yay! I need to find out if, when running something like a 10K if every mile should get progressively faster or how that works. Will ask my running coach.

Speaking of my running coach, I saw her before the race . . . . then she promptly announced she needed to "go warm up" and walked away! I saw her once on the course and that was it. Turns out I wasn't that far behind her, though she was running the 5K. Bummer. I was also supposed to meet at least one gal from the running group I am part of online, but I couldn't find her. That was pretty disappointing, as seeing those girls was a big part of why I ran in this race, but "oh, well!" (as Eloise would say!)

I knew it was going to be cold and rainy (and perhaps even snowy)  but I wasn't prepared for the wind. Yuck. I kept my head down a lot of the time to keep my hat from blowing off. The course was about 1/2 on gravelly/muddy trails, which was awful, too. My shoes are trashed from running through mud and I hope I can clean them adequately. 

The 5K folks ran one lap and the 10K folks ran two (there was even a group who ran a 15K!) and it was a nice tour through a huge city park. If it had been sunny it would have been downright gorgeous, as the park is right on Lake Washington. 

My last gripe about the race was that there wasn't any water on the course for those of us running further than a 5K! At the end we got a container of coconut water, which was yummy, but hello, no water?!?! Next time I will carry my own. I didn't take Gu I was carrying, either, since they are hard for me to choke down without water. Of course, not stopping at a water station meant I never once stopped running, so that helped with my overall time (silver lining, right?)

My biggest stroke of genius for the day, however, was putting hand warmers in each of my gloves. It wasn't until part way in to the second lap that I threw them out.

Now I am looking forward to relaxing the rest of the day and having a Girls' Night with my friends!


  1. Brr! It was a cold morning for a race. Good for you getting a PR. I've never been to Magnusson Park, but sometimes Hubby drops his kayak in on the side of the lake and paddles over.

    1. Oooo, I bet that is a beautiful place to kayak! One of these days I will get out in to the water around Seattle on a kayak.

  2. Well bad weather this time just means good weather next time, at least I keep telling myself this......:) It worked for me in December. We ran the Dallas White Rock Marathon in the coldest yuckiest rain you can imagine then I did a double on December 31st and January 1st and the weather was just beautiful. Congratulations on the PR! Sounds like you're off to a great start to the new year!

    1. I hope you are right re: the weather! It does make us more tough, right? Your double sounds intense! Nice job!


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