Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back and forth, up and down

The past week has brought with it an intense roller coaster of information, stress and emotions. Whew! Hanging on for dear life over here. All of it is surrounding Iris and some learning/school stuff, so while I wish I could lay it all out on my blog, it's a matter of finding that line where I want to respect her privacy, so I am going to be vague.

The short and relatively non-privacy invading explanation is that we recently got a lot of information that is helping us to make the best choices for Iris for school next year. I will most likely not be homeschooling her again, but we know it is always an option if nothing else is the perfect fit. I have already been around a bit with the public school system about finding the right fit for her but it doesn't look like there will be one, at least not for the coming school year. I am honestly bummed about that because, first, hello free schooling!, but public school is also easy and close to home and it did appear on the surface that there would be some wonderful options available to us. Alas, not meant to be.

I was ready to throw in the towel on getting Iris back in to a traditional school until we found out about one particular private school that seriously seems like it will be absolutely wonderful. I am crossing all of my fingers and toes, but not holding my breath quite yet. If the past few days have taught me anything, it's that schooling options could be eliminated or opened up to us around every corner. Tonight I went to visit this particular school and the director was wonderful. She, and the school, really embraces kids like Iris. When I told her I am just not feeling like the perfect fit for teaching Iris and her particular learning issues she offered to help work with Iris. Um, hello, yes please. It is funny that this happened with her, today, because earlier in the day I had received an email from someone else who I randomly contacted about working with Iris. I have been feeling kind of lost when it comes to figuring out exactly how to help Iris learn to the best of her abilities and just wishing I had help. Now I have access to it. Voila!

Part of me wonders if THAT is the answer to our educational puzzle. Maybe we can home school with help? I have always said, in my ideal world, my kids would go to a traditional school part time and home school part time. Since I haven't figured out how to make that utopia work, I have to find ways for the traditional school bubble and the home school bubble to flex and bend and work for our family. Neither is perfect as is.

Oh, so along on that tangent . . . . right now the Seattle Public School system is asking (asking who, I forget) if they can just ignore the fact that they lost two days of school for the snow a couple of weeks and not make it up at the end of the year. It would save the district half a million dollars, they say. Now, these kids get a lot of time off. It honestly feels like there is a day off, or a half day off most weeks of the school year, plus over two weeks off for winter break, a mid-winter, a spring break . . . anyways, parents are getting pissed. They want their kids in school, darn it! How can kids learn if they aren't in school?!?! Um, excuse me? Now, I get it, if you are a household with two work-outside-the-home parents, you hate school breaks as it means figuring out child care. Fortunately for us, we are not one of those households. My job is to manage the needs of our family and that means always being home for the girls. But needing school so your kids will learn? I don't think so. Kids can, will, and should be learning when they aren't inside the four walls of their school building. I LOVE when Eloise has off school or has a short day. I am mentally crossing off the days until mid-winter break. I was sad when she went back to school after winter break. I hands-down guarantee you she learned at least as much being home as she would have if she were at school. I *gasp* think kids are in school too much as it is. My opinion is in the minority, I totally get it. But let it be known that I support the school district's request and am praying for more snow days we won't have to make up!

Okay, sort of a long brain dump tonight. At least it wasn't running related, right?

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  1. Love this: "Kids can, will, and should be learning when they aren't inside the four walls of their school building."

    Totally true! I'm so happy you're finding some other options and hopefully things will work out for Iris. She is so sweet and very clever from what I've seen:)


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