Saturday, January 28, 2012

Longest run yet!

My 1/2 marathon training was supposed to officially start tomorrow, but I decided to do my long run today instead of Sunday because I am going to be working outside, on my feet, for several hours tomorrow. Starting before the crack of dawn. I thought it best to play it safe and make sure I could get the long run in before all of that work. That said, I may be hobbling all over the place tomorrow!

My goal was to run for 75 minutes. I knew that if I kept it to a 10:00 pace I would cover 7.5 miles, and I did that almost exactly:

I was kind of hoping to keep my pace at around 9:30, but I also didn't want to burn myself out. I think I could have done 9:30 in hindsight. Well, my right hamstring started to hurt around mile 5, so maybe not. Anyways.

Part of today's run was for the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K, hosted by The Boring Runner (who is anything but!) I didn't really plan before hand which miles would be my 5K, though! Whoops! So I am going to give it my best three miles in the middle ( plus .1) which comes out to be 30:58. Not my fastest 5K, but whatever. It works!

It was a good run. I went from my house up to the Alki Trail and ran around the Alki Point and back. Not too much to note about the run, though there were a fair amount of people out. Including a clueless group of women who stepped on to the trail right in front of me and then yak-yak-yakked super loudly. At least it gave me a good motivation to speed around them and take off so I didn't have to hear them! On the way back I started passing some very fast runners heading the other direction. It seemed odd, like they must have been a part of something, but I couldn't tell what. Finally after passing maybe 25 or so of these runners a guy quipped to me "on your way back already?" and I said "what are you running?" to which he answered "the Tukwila to Alki 1/2 marathon". Ah. I ran past lots more of the 1/2 marathoners on the rest of my run, which was nice. Usually it's pretty quiet on the last stretch. My fastest mile was when I was passing the 1/2 marathoners, I definitely got a little boost of excitement!

I ran with my water belt today, which always makes me feel a little dorky, but I really need it. I keep thinking maybe I should "learn" to run without the water, but that seems stupid, too. Aren't runners supposed to keep hydrated?

All in all it was a great first training run. I never felt really exhausted, which I was scared of happening. I wish I could have had an ice bath when I got home, but we don't own a bathtub! I need to research how to do one without a tub. Hmmmm. I did buy some KT tape, but I forgot to use it on my right hamstring before the run.

Looking forward to a healthy and fun few weeks of training to come!

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