Friday, January 20, 2012


Today the snow is melting. Or rather, being washed away by rain. I'll take it. I have to say, I'm a little over it now and am looking forward to non-snowy weather. So thankful that we had power, food, good health, etc etc during this storm. I read that over 200,000 people in the Puget Sound region were without power, some for quite a while! I don't even know what we would have done, as we have no fireplace or anything to keep us warm. It's also kind of nice that the snow is behind us, as I spend all year hoping and praying for snow and now have had my fix for a while!

Yesterday and today we had playdates with our friend Holli and her adorable children. Yesterday they came to our house and we all went sledding and then today the girls and I walked to their house and played (indoors) there. So much fun to have friends in the 'hood to share snowy days with!

Here are some pics Holli captured on the snow hill.

 All four kids.

Me flying down the icy hill. 

We got dumped on all day Wednesday but on Thursday we woke up to all of the snow having turned to ice. It was raining a good portion of the day but then the rain turned to snow. We headed up to the sledding hill at about 4:00 and the hill was fast. Like REALLY fast. I stood at the bottom and literally threw myself on the kids as they shot past on the sleds so that they didn't slam in to the trees and bushes that are way down at the bottom. On Wednesday when the girls and I were sledding our sleds stopped on their own well before these trees. My outer thighs are a little sore today from jumping on to the sleds, ha! I took a turn on the sled and I have to say, it was a wee bit scary. I honestly couldn't believe that none of the kids were scared! Holli brought her childhood sled, it was the kind with the metal ski-like thingies on the bottom (I forget what those are called!) and we knew that it would be too fast for the big hill and instead sent the kids down a lower part of the hill on it.

I shared this pic yesterday, but those are the trees at the bottom of the hill. 
On Wednesday the sleds stopped about where Eloise is in this shot.

My kids completely fell apart by the time we left, but overall it was still pretty fun. I took some pictures with my phone but somehow they didn't save, as none of them were there when I looked this morning. Boo!

I not-so-secretly can't wait until the girls are older and we can sled down the middle of the street near our house that is a long, steep hill. Probably at least 5-6 times bigger than this hill! 

Today I pulled the girls down the sidewalk in the sled (they didn't want to go back to the hill) and it rained on us the whole time. I suspect by tomorrow afternoon there will be little snow left around these parts. 

Au Revior, Snowmaggedon 2012!

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  1. The best part of the snow was getting time play with you and your girls! And think up new ways to entertain the kids indoors...

    We had a blast, but I think the time off was hard on Cooper. He didn't want to go back to school this morning:(


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