Monday, January 02, 2012

My list of 2012 resolutions

I decided to do a "bucket list" for the year. Here is what I want to accomplish:

1. Run a sub 25:00 5K race (which is an 8:03 pace).

2. Run a sub 55:00 10K race (which is an 8:52 pace) .

3. Run a 1/2 Marathon (no specific time goal, just finish and feel good and have fun!)

4. Run a "destination" race of a 10K or (preferably) 1/2 Marathon distance. To me, that means a race that is far enough away from my home that I have to spend the night there in order to run AND it has to be somewhere that is truly a destination-- not just some random crappy town.

5. Take ALL of my supplements at least five days a week.

6. Re-name my blog (again) to something that more represents all of the parts of who I am, not just being a mother (added to the fact that I ((after five plus straight years!!)) no longer am nursing).

7. Re-design my blog to give it a little pizzazz. I can't do this myself, and don't even want to learn how, but I would gladly pay someone to do it (if you or someone you know is a blog designer!)

Not terribly fascinating, but goals all the same!


  1. 5 and 6 are missing!

  2. Oh good lord. I think 5 is "always proof read" and 6 is "don't blog when I am tired".

  3. good list! It's so hard to rename a blog, isn't it? any top contenders? freckled nest does beautiful blogs but it seems pricey to me...I'm sure you'll find other options if you google it. can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

  4. Such fun and admirable resolutions:)
    New name suggestion: Mom in motion...
    You're always working to better yourself or the lives of your girls.


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