Saturday, January 07, 2012

Runs with friends

Today I got drove down to Kent to meet Karla and Zoe (Zoe has a picture of us on her blog!) for a run on the Soos Creek Trail. Yes, it was a long drive, yes it wasn't a run that challenged my speed or added more distance, but it was so very wonderful to be able to run with other ladies in a beautiful new (to me) location. That sort of run is good for the spirit and soul. Maybe some day I can get them to come up to Seattle to join me for a run on Alki!

On my way home I realized that I wanted to somehow make this an unofficial goal for the new year, to make more of an effort to run with other people. Not that I haven't wanted to-- I have really, really, wanted to find "my tribe" so to speak-- but I don't think I have worked as hard at it as I could have. I think if I fit in a couple good runs a month with other people I will be very happy. Of course, I still have my weekly running and bootcamp classes where I get to hang out with awesome, inspiring ladies!

The other thing I have been wondering about is how to move ahead with this time between now and June, when I do my first planned 1/2 marathon. If I started working now I could be ready for a 1/2 in about eight weeks (without setbacks), I think. It certainly won't take me five months to train. When talking with the gals today I learned that one thing I could do is just keep running and increasing mileage to wherever it may end up, likely more than 13.1, and still run my first official 1/2 in June. Seems kind of obvious now, but honestly I have had my visors on and have been stuck thinking I couldn't run ever 13.1 before the race! *smacking my forehead*

The other thing I can do is find another 1/2 to do before the one in June. I don't know which one I would do (maybe a destination race????), and honestly, I am a wee bit nervous at the prospect of registering for TWO 1/2s before ever running one!

The last thing that I thought today was that I can put any increase in mileage on hold until April-ish and focus more on my speed goals-- specifically, getting speedy enough to hit my PR goals for a 5K and a 10K this year. This option is kind of my least favorite right now, though not exactly sure why.

Looking forward to sneaking in one more run tomorrow before our busy week starts back up!

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