Thursday, January 19, 2012

SnOMG! Snowmaggedon! Snowpocalypse!

It kind of cracks me up how every snow "storm" we get in Seattle, all of these funny tags are assigned to it. Seattlites are so dang silly.

Heading back up the sledding hill.

Right now Matt is enjoying sun and warmer weather in San Francisco. He left on his work trip before this current round of snow hit and the way it looks, he will return after it is mostly melted. Bummer for him, I think! I have come to really enjoy his travelling. Everything around the house stays just as I like it (i.e. clean and organized!) for a few days and somehow, randomly, the girls are overall so much better behaved. They have this thing where when both Matt and I are home they have to ratchet up the noise, fighting and mess about 18 notches. So with the snow and Matt on a work trip, it has been like a mini-vacation around here!

On their way down!  

I feel like our neighborhood looks like scenery in a movie or a play when it snows.

Yesterday we hit the sledding hill around lunch time and had an absolute blast. I personally was loving that I have the energy to run back up the sledding hill every time! Woo Hoo! Workout for Mama! We brought Heidi, our dog, and she found a buddy to chase all over the sledding hill, too.

I love this picture, though it betrays the fun Iris was actually having.

After the sledding hill we stopped by the park and played for a bit before coming home to warm up/dry off and drink hot chocolate. Later in the afternoon we decided to make a snack run and walked up to the mini mart near our house before returning home to do some school and watch another movie. I ended up actually purchasing my shopping cart full of stuff from I bought the girls each new snow pants for next year, a snow coat for Eloise for next year, two pairs of leggings for Iris, a shirt for Iris and a pair of running shorts for me . . . all for $59! Good sales combined with 20% off on the site combined with free shipping combined with an EBates gift card made for a cheap shopping spree. Oh darn, writing that reminded me I didn't make this current purchase through EBates. Still getting the hang of it, I think!

Heidi (the dog) chasing her new friend on the sledding hill.

Side note: OMG Iris is growing SO much right now. I feel like every time I look at her she is busting out of her clothes! The poor girl is going to be eight feet tall :(

Winter wonderland!

Today is shaping up to be kind of lame for outdoor activities. Our winter wonderland has turned in to a frozen wonderland. The snow is still there, but liquid drops of ice are falling from the sky right now. Seriously. I don't know why it isn't snowing, because it should be, but instead it is raining ice. All of our snow is frozen solid. Of course, Eloise thinks this would make PERFECT sledding snow. Crazy kid.

Fun at the park.

My secret hope is that school is closed again tomorrow (it was yesterday and is today). If it is, then Eloise will have gone to school for a grand total of TWO hours this whole week. Love it! Home school isn't closed, however. I would love to take the snow days 100% off of formal school, but we have so many lessons to make up so we don't have tons to do come summer break. Yesterday we did a couple of lessons for about an hour, so nothing big.

Look at those red cheeks!


  1. Oh I kind of miss snow. It's around 80 today here in NOLA.

    I'm giggling because in one paragraph you're talking about getting the girls snow pants for next year and then that Iris is busting out of her clothes. Do you think those pants will fit next winter? ;)

    1. Ha! Yeah, I ordered her a size 10/12. Let's hope that next winter she hasn't already outgrown that size! If so, at least Eloise will be able to use them eventually :)


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