Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taking a snow day

This is the scene out of my window. Interestingly, my phone didn't really capture all of the blowing snow. I can't really tell how much of the snow in the sky is stuff that is still falling or if it is just stuff blowing around. Either way, dang it's purty! 

Seattle has been bracing for what some have been calling the biggest snow storm in decades. Of course, the reports started backpedaling a bit as the hours wore on yesterday, so it remains to be seen what kind of snow this will be!

Since we so rarely get snow in Seattle the city mostly shuts down. We are hunkered down at home with a new movie, legos, hot chocolate and internet shopping (or, as I do it, internet "putting things in my shopping cart but not buying") ((does anyone else do that? spend hours "shopping" and then never pull the trigger?)). 

In a little while we will venture out to sled. Then we will come back in and do more of the movie/playing/drinking/psuedo-shopping some more. 

The thing I love about snow days is they force us to slow to a screeching halt. I suppose, technically, home school doesn't need to stop, and all of my stay-at-home mama duties don't need to stop, but they still do. Eloise is off on a snow day, so darn it, we are all off! 

Hopefully I can wield kids, sleds, the dog AND my camera later, and will report back with some fantabulous sledding photos.

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