Monday, January 23, 2012

Training schedules and races

I spent Saturday night really living it up. And by living it up, I mean I hunkered down on the couch and worked out my race and training schedule through the end of June, which is when I will run the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.

I have been itching to do some "formal" training for my upcoming half . . . I know, I know, I obviously can run my little heart out whenever I would like, whether or not the run was part of a training schedule. However, I like the rigidity and predictability and challenge of a schedule. I like calendars and charts and graphs and all of that stuff (so yes, my training schedule is mapped out on a calendar that I will hang by my desk.). Most, no, make that all, of the training schedules I found were for about 10-14 weeks of training before a half, assuming you could start with a base mileage anywhere from 3-6 miles in a run. 10-14 weeks out put my training for the R-n-R half to start somewhere around March-April-ish. Blech. I decided I would do what any semi-sane new runner would do and threw in another half marathon to my race schedule. Oh yes, I did. I am considering it my "practice" half. THAT will be the one I run to get the feel for racing at that distance. The R-n-R half will be a wee bit more serious in that I will go in to it with more of a plan and a definite goal time.

So, drum roll please, my training officially starts this Sunday! My fitness coach recommends training by minutes, not miles, so my first run will be 75 minutes. To date my longest run has been about 67 minutes and I have had several hover more closely around the hour mark, so 75 is going to be good. My longest training run will be 120 minutes, which I will do twice.

In order, I have coming up on my race schedule: a 10K in Feb, 10K in March, St. Paddy's Day 10K (that my friend is coming down from Canada to run with me!!!! Squeee!!!!), and then a half marathon at the end of April. After that half I will do a 5K "fun run" and a 15K in May before running the R-n-R half in June.

I am so excited I could puke. No, really. No, seriously, really.

I don't know what my running will look like after the R-n-R half. I am not going to plan it quite yet as summer will probably bring with it a crazy schedule and lots of travel.

Tonight I got a massage. A good massage. My last one was not so good. I am thinking while I am in training I will go back to her once every other month, or so. My legs, especially, appreciated the TLC!

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