Thursday, February 02, 2012

Half-assing it

Tonight was another night of my bootcamp class. I have to admit, now that I have fallen in love with running, I am not so in love with bootcamp. It used to be my "big workout" of the week and now it's just one that kind of gets in the way of running. What keeps me going is knowing that I need to do some form of cross-training and I also have a good friend in the class to chat the night away with whenever we are able. Sometimes our unusually mean and cruel instructor will separate us to keep our chatting from interfering with the workout. The nerve! Hrmpf!

It is actually a great workout. Tonight I definitely half-assed it, though. It is amazing that I can go through a whole workout kind of just doing the motions. The motions of a million push-ups, crunches, lunges, etc etc. I was realizing that I am obviously getting stronger since there is no way even six months ago I could even go through the motions without practically killing myself. When I want a tougher workout now I have to really focus and push. Sometimes I get all bummed that I don't feel like I am getting stronger, but then I can look back over a longer period of time and realize that I am, it just doesn't happen overnight. Kind of fun to get that perspective!


  1. You are doing amazing, Sybil, and are such an inspiration. :) Good to hear some doors are opening up for things with Iris, too. I always admire your dedication to your children. Have a great Friday!


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