Monday, February 13, 2012

New pictures and new posts

I have a couple of new posts up over on my schooling blog, The Schooling Bridge. Go check them out! Lots of pictures!

I have a few more pictures I wanted to share that I just discovered weren't lost on my phone after all! My phone is doing weird things, like taking pictures and then not showing them in the gallery. I finally remembered that restarting my phone often makes them magically re-appear. So, ta da! Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

During our snowstorm in January the girls and I went sledding with our neighbor and her two fabulous kids. Her little girl, the one in the front, is also named Iris. Isn't that the cutest thing? Here the girls are on a sled train catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Iris was teaching Eloise how to read using the Bob Books app on our new iPad. iPad+helpful older sister= mama's job is done!

A few weeks ago Eloise was invited to a pony birthday party. I didn't get any shots of her on the pony as I was busy helping lead ponies around, but she actually spent most of her time grooming this little guy. Poor thing was probably totally humiliated! Ha.

I can't believe he stood there so calmly for the kids to dote on. See his "My Little Pony" style design on his backside?

Eloise has pretty amazing bed head most mornings, but the morning I snapped this picture it was particularly impressive.

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