Friday, March 16, 2012

School stress and looking ahead

I think I might have a little bit of a sickness. Or screws loose. Or something. I just registered for my third half marathon (The Seattle Half Marathon, for those interested!) You may or may not have noticed, but I haven't even run ONE half marathon yet. Nope, not one. And I am registered for three. And more or less committed to a fourth, we are waiting to see if a site offers a smokin' deal on registration (like what happened for the Seattle Half Marathon, which is why I registered). Good lord. Yep, a sickness! Clearly I have some faith in how much I will love running 13.1.

It has been a hectic week around here. Matt has been in Austin at SXSW since last week and while I mostly really enjoy solo parenting, this week was harder than normal. I seem to be in high stress mode every few months regarding schooling decisions and this week was the high stress week. Long story short, we are sort of choosing between two different schools for Iris for next year. One small private school and one specific public school (namely, Eloise's school). The private school basically told us that we had to jump through all these huge, maybe even insurmountable, hurdles in order to get her in there. We won't know if Iris gets in to the public school we want for another month or so. I did some soul searching, talked to Matt, talked to Iris's therapist and have made a decision that I feel good enough about. I think when you have a kid who you worry a lot about, who isn't quite the right fit for most school programs, well, everything ends up being "I hope this is good enough!" instead of "this is the right choice!". I think that for the rest of Iris's life I will just have to breathe deeply and trust in the universe that she will be okay, that we will all be okay, and that nothing has to be perfect in order to be an decent fit.

Breathing, breathing.

Iris and I haven't done as much school this week as we usually do. I have been exhausted and having been using some of our school time to catch up on chores and sometimes sneak in a quick nap. Some days I just never really felt awake. Like I needed rest, but not even rest helped. Clearly the stress got to me.

This weekend I am looking forward to seeing some good friends and running in a St. Patrick's Day race with one friend. We even have matching outfits! We will look awesome and have a lot of fun, despite the fact the forecast says low 40's and rain. At least as PNWers (Pacific Northwesterners) we can handle the rain just fine. We don't love it, but it certainly doesn't stop us.

Speaking of rain, Seattle has had crazy insane weather this week. On Tuesday it was snow, then hail, then snow then sun then snow . . . . and then lots of rain Wednesday. Torrential rain Thursday, some spots of blinding sun, then more rain . . . thankfully none of the weather interfered with any of my workouts. We ran on the track Tuesday night despite being bombarded with giant flakes of snow for the first part of class. We lucked out Thursday night as one of the short breaks from the rain came right during our bootcamp class. Whew!

Counting down the hours until the weekend is here! Hooray!

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