Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sick days

I am on the couch today with a mom cold. Hey, if men can have man colds, I can have a mom cold, right? Well, I am actually very lucky that Matt took Iris for half of the day, first to an appointment and then off to work with him. What a man! So, my mom cold involves me hibernating for a bit.

It is a gorgeously sunny day in Seattle, and of course it is. If you read my post yesterday you know that sunny days=days I am not outside exercising. I will be skipping tonight's bootcamp, though I realllllly don't want to. I am still in that phase of training where if I miss a workout I freak out a little, like "OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RUN MY HALF MARATHON NOW!!!!" kind of freak out. Of course, that is looney bin thinking.

Since I have been self-confined to the bed or couch over the last 18 hours I have done a lot of reading. A LOT, a lot. I read almost all of Train Like a Mother (skipping the training for 10K's and 5K's) and almost all of 50/50 (Dean Karnazes' book about running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days). I watched the documentary Ultramarathon Man, about Dean's marathons, a couple of weeks or so ago and just loved it. Dean is absolutely amazing. I love the book, too, because it is just that much more information about how he pulled it off. The book also interjects quite a bit of info on running and training, which I appreciate.

Last week I also watched the documentary Spirit of the Marathon (which, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can watch on demand for free!) ((another side note, I got the DVDs from my local library)). Are you beginning to predict what all of this book reading and movie watching has done to me? Made me feel like running a marathon, perhaps??? I am so naive, I swear, I watch and read all of this and think "oh, I can totally do that!" Ha!

On Tuesday I also finished a book called Mile Markers. Despite what I thought when I reserved it from the library, Mile Markers is not a book about training. It is a book about the author (Kristin Armstrong) and why she runs. The byline of the book is "26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run" but it is full of personal anecdotes. Of course the reader can apply them to her own situation, but reading the book felt more like I was reading a personal diary or journal. It was a highly motivational read, however.

This being sick thing? It isn't half bad. Maybe I need to try it more often!


  1. I got a lot of reading done when I had the flu a couple months ago. It was almost worth puking for 4 hrs straight. :P

    My favorite running books are Running With the Buffaloes (not sure if I'd still like this one though I'm a bit more sensitive than I used to be) and Born To Run.

    Do not read The Silence of Great Distance: Women running long--totally creeped me out.

    1. I know, right?! Who knew the relaxation that comes with sick days would be so welcome! lol

      I will check out that book . . . and not check out that other one! Thanks for the recs! I have Born to Run on audio book waiting for me. One of these days I will get around to starting it!


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