Saturday, March 10, 2012


The girls and I are on the tail end of a short, less than 24 hour "staycation". Matt is out of town so the girls and wanted to get out of town, too. As far as being a kid goes, it was pretty luxurious.

First we stopped at Toys R Us. I ended up vetoing lots of toys, which wasn't my initial intention as I thought it would be fun for the girls to pick out anything they wanted, but they settled on a doll each. Then we checked in to the hotel and the girls swam. I surprised them by taking them to Rainforest Cafe in the mall for dinner followed by a spin through the Disney store (and purchase of new jammies). I let them stay up super late, we all had a rough night of sleep and then got up early. Apparently sleeping in hotels isn't as fun as sleeping at home, but I look forward to an earlier bedtime at home tonight. This morning we got up, the girls took a bath, we hit the breakfast buffet, then the pool, then back to the room for playing and cable tv watching. I was excited to finally see an episode of The Pioneer Woman's show on Food Network, as we don't have cable at home. It was as cute as I expected!

Last year we attempted a two night staycation. I say attempted because the whole plan errupted in flames late the second night and we came home early. Better to leave early wanting more, I thought, so that's what I planned this time. Hopefully having had a successful trip will mean we can do it again before too long!

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