Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Let me just say, it was an incredibly awesome weekend. Friday night I dropped the family off at a park and took off for a three mile run on Alki. It was sunny and warm and be-ah-utiful! On Saturday morning I went out for a run that was just over four miles. I decided to tackle a loooong steep hill near our house. I think the hill is a mile long? It was hard but good. Of course I also got to practice my downhill running on the way home. After my run I met my dear friend for brunch and inhaled my gigantic breakfast in like two minutes. Oops. It was a day of extremely decadent eating, but I only had two meals, so I hope that balances out the calories. The girls and I got out in the sun in the afternoon and shared some bubble tea.

Sunday morning I met my two friends, M and B, that I typically do my long runs with. They are so awesome to run with and I just adore their company. We did four loops of the trail at Discovery Park. The last two times we were there we did three loops but I needed to run for 120 minutes (each loop takes about 30 minutes) so we did four. It was barely warm enough for me wear my new nike shorts and t-shirt. I felt great after the run and it was the longest (technically we ended up at 127 mins) I had been on my feet yet. B thinks I will be able to meet or break 2 hours in my half marathon and I am secretly (or not so secretly!) hoping she is right!  

I like this graph of the elevation on the Discovery Park loop. It is a challenge! 

I had previously asked M and B if we could go for burgers and fries after this run so we went to Red Mill and seriously enjoyed a delicious meal. I do need to be quite careful about not eating back all of the calories I run off (it's a lot easier than it sounds as running makes you HUNGRY!) but I decided I can plan in some special treats once in a while as a reward for all of that hard work.

Of course, today I gobbled down half a bag of tiny jelly beans. My one favorite candy in the whole world is a certain brand of jelly beans that you can pretty much only get at Easter. This has been a difficult Easter season for me. I practically get the shakes walking past that section at Target. But, at least I only ate half this time, right? Progress! Ha.

This morning I got a massage from my new favorite massage therapist. I saw her about a month ago for general stress relief and also needed specific help with my hamstring and shins. Last time I was there she gave me some ideas for stretches and I have been doing those pretty much every day, along with the stretches my PT suggested. The massage therapist noticed that while my right leg is still pretty tight, it's already starting to get better. Phew! I was glad to hear that all of the time I am putting in to stretching is paying off.

The weather forecast in Seattle is calling for rain, rain and more rain over the next week, but I am holding out hope that the sun sticks around for a while. It definitely re-invigorated my running to not have to battle freezing rain!


  1. This is a week or so late but I loved reading about your sick day. :) I love getting into something and finding good books on that subject...just the best. :)

  2. You are amazing. You're inspiring me to get my speed up so I can possibly join you on an Alki run one of these days. Of course, by that time, you'll be running even more laps around me!


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