Sunday, April 08, 2012

My week of running

I have seen other bloggers I follow post a weekly update on running and I think I will try to do that so that I can can A) not overwhelm the blog with running stuff!, and B) have it all in one place for reference. Of course, I am well aware that is mostly for MY reference, unless any of my dear readers are dying to look back on my running career, ha! I will have to think of a fun name for my Sunday night wrap-up.

This week I ran a total of 21 miles . . . or so that is what dailymile says. I realize they round up to the nearest whole mile so  I am hoping I didn't miss something.
I was "supposed" to run another 5-6 mile day today, but with it being Easter and my long run yesterday and knowing I was going to sit in the car for almost three hours today . . . well, I didn't want to push it. I also ran several 400s (one fast lap of the track) on the 5th during my fitness class, so I had a lot of running days in a row already. Anyways, 21 miles. I am happy with anything over 20 right now.

On the 3rd we did 400s at the track at my running class. I HATE 400s. If someone said "hey, you can either run four miles or one fast 400, what do you want to do?" I would probably pick the four miles.

This week I also did my second early morning run. I definitely like running at that time of day, but I didn't get up quite early enough to do the amount of miles I wanted to do. Instead of doing more miles I headed for a long hill near my house. Quality over quantity that day, I guess!

My biggest excitement this week was my longest run, mileage wise, yet! 12 miles! We were at my in-laws for Easter and I did my long run there on Saturday. It was so much fun to do that kind of distance. I know that sounds weird, but I really do love to run. I half listened to a bunch of Another Mother Runner podcasts that I had already heard. One thing I am learning is that I really don't need music as much as I thought I did. I have done so many runs without my ipod or music and I feel the same running with or without it. I didn't plan my re-fueling very well so I felt a little flat for the second half of my run, but I still did okay. I need to figure out the best way to re-fuel on runs that are long enough that I can't carry as many gels or as much water on me as I need.

It feels like I am definitely in wonderful shape to do my first half marathon in three weeks from today!

My route was a little crazy. I referred to some routes that a local running club suggested but then added on a bunch of extra miles so I had all kinds of turns to remember. I ended up writing down the turns on a piece of paper, but I still got lost once. That big square up in the top left corner was totally out of my way (I was supposed to turn right and instead I went left, you can see where I got back on track!), so I cropped off those miles from the end of the run. Ah, well. It all ended up fine!

The elevation was fine, there was only one steep short hill that kind of caught me off guard. I was glad that it wasn't completely flat so that I still got in training on long inclines. There was one hill I was flying down and then realized I lost a gel packet on the way . . . so I ran back up it to find it and I couldn't. A little extra hill work never hurt anyone, right?

The other big excitement for me was doing my first ice bath at the end of the run. My legs honestly have felt totally fine ever since the run, I wonder if that is because of the ice bath? Ice baths are coooooold but I read some tips to help me out. For instance, it is good to keep your top half covered and warm (check!) and drink something hot (Mexican mocha!). I did ten minutes in the water and it wasn't the worst thing ever. Heck, I've given birth sans drugs, so everything is down hill after that, right?

All in all, it was a great week. I am doing my stretches every day, though some days a little more abbreviated, and I am icing my shins regularily and am taking one day totally off of working out per week plus having another day as cross-training. I hope, hope, hope that I am being smart in my training! 

Next week my weekly wrap-up will come from a warm, sunny and beautiful part of the country . . . . stay tuned! 

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