Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week of running wrap-up

So my big excitement last week was that I was on Marco Island, Florida for a few days and got in a couple of decent runs! I was planning on running all four days I was there, but, well, it didn't happen. It was very hot and humid for a Seattle girl. The first morning I got up and death marched through my short run. The next day I planned better and knocked out twice as many miles. The day after that I got in my exercise kayaking and walking the dogs and the last day? Well, that was a free day, I guess!

Monday: 5.5 mile run
I decided to embrace the hills because if I don't want to run up any as I leave for a run from my front door I only have two options: run in to a not-so-nice (or consistently safe) part of town or on the path that I have run what feels like eighty bajillion times. So up the hills I go! It was a good run, I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt!

Tuesday: 4.8 miles
This night was my intervals class. It was one of my most favorite workouts ever, as we did a one mile warm-up then three one mile repeats. On the last repeat I set my new one mile PR at 7:26. At class, sometimes I'm on and sometimes I'm not so on. That night I was on and was loving every step of the workout!

Friday: 3.4 miles
This was my first run on Marco Island. I was jet-lagged, hot, had no water, hadn't taken any gels or anything, my shins were sore. It was rough.

Saturday: 6.9 miles
I took a gel before I left, wore my water belt, had another gel on the run and wore my compression socks. It was a hard run, but I felt better than on Thursday! The best part was finishing my run by jumping in to this pool at the house I was staying at with my running clothes (not shoes!) on:

Later that day I walked 3.5 miles between walking dogs (we walked the dogs 1.5 miles every day) and exploring at a nature preserve. I haven't been putting my walking miles in to dailymile, but it definitely made for a lot of miles on my feet that day!

Sunday I went kayaking 2 miles. The best part of my trip to Marco Island was this kayaking trip. I will write more about it later, but this was my exercise that day.

Just under two weeks until my half! I am very excited, though I often "forget" about the race in how busy I have been. I need to pray for good weather . . . which to me is something like 40s at the starting line and 50s at the finish. My heart went out to those running the Boston Marathon yesterday, as I knew exactly what running in that heat felt like! NOT fun!

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