Friday, May 25, 2012


On Tuesday night I did something that kind of scared the pants of me: I registered for the Portland Marathon. I had been mulling over the idea, in general, for a while, but it wasn't until I ran my half marathon, and loved every second of it, that I realized a full marathon might be in my future sooner rather than later.

The Portland Marathon does something I haven't run across before in my very limited racing career, which is give out bib numbers after registering. My official bib number is #4882! I like the number. I don't know why exactly, but it sits well with me. Even numbers, who knows. It's just good!

One day I casually threw out the idea to my BRF, what if we ran a full together? We unfortunately realized that a vacation I have planned for August and a half marathon that she was committed to in early October was going to make running a marathon together this fall basically impossible. I asked her what she thought about me running one now and maybe next Summer/Fall we could train for one together (ha, listen to me!). She said that sounded good . . . and then did one of the coolest things ever which was sign up to run as much of my long runs with me as she could. When talking to our other running friend he also said he wanted to do the long runs and so, lo and behold, I have people to train with! That was my biggest fear, that I would be out there putting in all of these miles totally alone. Actually running the marathon seems like a cake-walk compared to the miles upon miles upon miles I will be running in training.

I asked my running coach what she thought about me training for a marathon and she said go for it! The last piece of the puzzle was making sure my husband was okay with me signing up for this major time suck commitment . . . and he was! All systems go!

I decided to follow Hal Higdon's Marathon Novice 1 training program, with a few tweaks. I am only doing the last 14 weeks of the plan but I am going to take 16 weeks to do it. Two weeks in the middle will be lighter weeks as I travel. I also will continue to do one day of intervals work, so that will take the place of my shortest Tuesday runs. I will officially be in marathon training as of June 11th!

The race itself is on October 7th and I have already booked a nice hotel room for Friday and Saturday night so my family can really enjoy the whole weekend in Portland. That weekend is going to be so much fun!

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