Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm an SSM!*

Ahhhh, I think Mother Nature delivered the most amazing Mother's Day gift of all, which is a gorgeous, warm, sunny Seattle day. If you know anything about Seattle, it's that days like this during this time of year are pretty darn rare.

This mother's day I decided that what I wanted most was to do something active as a family, and since my new passion is running, a 5K would be the perfect activity! I signed us all up to do The Color Run knowing that the best way to get my two (kinda whiny) kids to do a 5K would be if it was really, really fun. Like, so fun they might not even realize they were running walking as far as they were.

The Color Run did not disappoint!

We talked it up for quite a while and I made sure to let the girls know the only gift I needed from them was for them to come and do this run. This morning we all got up early and dressed in our required white shirts. We mostly put on old clothes that we didn't mind getting ruined, but in retrospect it would have been pretty fun to dress up all crazy like many of the other runners did!

Ready to go!

Silly girlies under a sculpture in the Seattle Center.

Blue sky! Space Needle! Beautiful girls!

The crowd was HUGE! They kept announcing that there were 7,000 runners there. 

This was just a small portion of the crowd, it seemed there were white shirts as far as you could see.

Patiently waiting for our turn to go.

Our wave ready to start.

Eloise hi-fived about half of the crowd, I think. 

Perfect photo op right in front of the Pike's Place Market sign! 

Tired Eloise needed a boost. 

Sea of white headed down 2nd Ave. 

Finish line! 

Everyone had a packet of powdered color to throw at the end.

Happy color runners! 

Patiently waiting to run in to the fountain.

Attempting to rinse off. That color was persistant! 

We spent the rest of the day mostly out in the sun playing, reading, eating and relaxing. It was a wonderful Mother's Day!

*Super Super Mom!


  1. I'm so excited to run the Racine even this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your race report with me -- looks like a fab time! So happy you could incorporate your family -- great job! :)

  2. This was a blast. It's the type of thing I wouldn't have signed up for on my own, but was glad I did. I hope we make it a yearly tradition.


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