Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Wow, what a truly lovely Memorial Day weekend. I would have been happy with one great day, but to get three great days? Fantastic!

Saturday morning I fit in a run before heading out for a few hours of shopping with a friend. I needed a few things from IKEA and my friend was more than happy to come along for the trip. Thankfully IKEA wasn't as insanely busy as I thought it would be on a Saturday. Maybe everyone was at home enjoying the sunshine? It was in the 70's in Seattle on Saturday!

Recently I decided the relatively low-cost and easy solution to our issue of not having enough (working) dressers in the house was to buy two Expedit 4x2 shelving units from IKEA and then 16 itso bins from Target to fit in them. I ended up ordering the bins from

I got two white ones. 

Not my first choice of bin color, but it will work just fine. 
Even though I can be quite handy with IKEA stuff, I decided to leave it to our handyman to put the shelves together for us. He has lots of tricks to help keep things from falling apart.

After IKEA it was lunch at Panera then a quick stop at Target before heading home. When I got home the girls were ready to play in their kiddie pools and on the slip-n-slide. So much fun! I relaxed on the hammock and read my newest issue of Sunset magazine while keeping an eye on the girlies. Saturday night Matt grilled some chicken that I had been marinating overnight in homemade greek dressing. YUM. I served it with grilled veggies, buttered noodles and a huge helping of greek salad. I am still on a quest to make the perfect greek dressing, but this one was mighty tasty!

Sunday morning was my long run for the weekend. I put in 10.3 of a scheduled 11 since the route my friends and I picked just happened to be a little short. Well, I ran four miles on my own and then met my BRFs for the last 6.3. We ran on a lot of the same course as the Seattle's Best 15K from last weekend, but we ran it backwards. I hadn't run that far since the Heroes Half and I have to say, I was not happy with how sore and tired I was the rest of the day. My two running besties talked with me about training for my marathon-- they both want to do as much of the training (well, mostly the weekend long runs) with me as they can! We tried to wrap our heads around what sort of route a 20 mile run would have to take, especially since we live on a peninsula in a very hilly city! Hills on my long training runs? No thanks! I am blessed beyond imagination that I have these two amazing and supportive runners in my life.

I spent Sunday afternoon at home with Iris and a friend while Matt took Eloise down to the Seattle Center for the Folklife festival. Despite being a "music nerd" Matt hasn't ever (at least, as long as I've known him!) gone to Folklife. Apparently the biggest hit was Eloise going on a zipline in the kids' zone, alone, that was something like 100 feet up in the air. Some time during the afternoon Matt texted me to ask if Eloise weighed more than 45 pounds. I answered that I wasn't sure, but that she was very close to that mark. Here I thought he was asking to see if she was too heavy to go on some kiddie ride. Nope, he needed to know if she was big enough to go on the zipline! Good thing he didn't tell me that up front, I probably would have been the party pooper to say "NO WAY!" but I am glad I didn't. She had a blast, was totally safe, and was very proud of herself. 

Today, Monday, was about chores, playing, a little resting, and more grilling out. Kind of a perfect combo! No running for me, it was a rest day from running. In the morning the girls and I met friends at a neighborhood park, then Iris went off to a play date, and later we had a neighbor girl come over to play. For dinner we grilled marinated portabella mushrooms and hot dogs and veggies and served it all up with salad, baked beans, corn on the cob and mixed berries. Then Matt got a second (third? fourth?) wind on some yard work projects and did a few things that were sorely needing to be done in some jungle-like corners of our yard. 

I feel like I can honestly say these past three days were the perfect mix of house and yard work/playing/eating/sleeping/exercise/family time. 

Now off to a four day school week. Tuesday is our only full day of being at home for school as Wednesday we get to go see the King Tut exhibit, Thursday we have an appointment downtown that takes half the day and Friday Iris's babysitter comes in the morning before we spend the afternoon volunteering at Eloise's school! This is our last official week of doing lessons. Next Iris will wrap up her work and take her last test and then the following week we have to send our curriculum back. Not my choice, I don't want to stop using the curriculum yet since Eloise isn't even done with school until the 22nd, but the online school Iris is doing ends June 6th and they require the curriculum to be returned right away. 

Whew! Lots going on around here besides running, though it would be hard to know that from reading my blog! I guess my running is so easy to summarize and report on that everything else falls off the blogging radar. 

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