Friday, May 04, 2012

More thoughts on my half marathon

Over the past few days I have just been riding a high off of Sunday. So much work, so much anticipation, so much trust went in to that race and I love just taking a second to think about it and smile and feel so darn proud and happy.

There have been some other little details that I keep remembering that I didn't post about on Sunday, so since this is my blog, I can keep posting all of the obnoxious and probably boring things I want to about it!

One thing is that I had asked Matt and each of the girls to give me a song, any song, to put on my ipod for the race. I had made a very specific half marathon playlist and carefully organized the songs and fit each of these songs in to a special spot. Iris picked Beyonce's "Single Ladies", Eloise picked The Wanted's "Glad You Came" and Matt picked LCD Soundsystem's "Tribulations". I was struggling a little to figure out a personal way to have them with me, so to speak, during the run, and I think this was a great way to do it since we are all such huge music fans.

Stay outta this girl's way! Eloise got some energy out while waiting for me :)
The other thing I have been thinking about is how grateful I am for my friends who gave me the courage to strive for my goal of a 2:00 half. It wasn't until I had several conversations with my BRF where she kept telling me I could do a 2:00 half "easy" that it even crossed my mind. I wasn't training for a specific time goal, I was just training to finish. She had run several half marathons and knew quite a bit more about pacing than I did, obviously. She knew how the speedwork and long runs we did every week would translate on race day where I didn't, not at all. I had another friend, S, who told me that the pace of my long runs were setting me up for something like an 8:45 pace on race again. I just thought "yeah right!" and filed that info away in the back of my mind. It wasn't until last week or so that I decided to put my 2:00 goal out in to the world and see what would come of it.

My girlies. Love them!
On the way up to Everett on Sunday morning I even told Matt the theory of how in training you never train at the pace and distance (at the same time, at least) that you run on race day, so I wasn't quite sure how it worked that you could magically pull it off. I shrugged and said a silent prayer that my friends were right, or I was about to set myself to crash and burn . . . hard. But it turns out, you should listen to wise running friends, because mine definitely did not let me down!

I keep going back and wistfully perusing the professional race photos of me finishing with the girls and the photos of the girls running their kids' race. I want so badly to order some, but professional photos are crazy expensive. Today I realized that my very favorite one-- the one I shared in the last blog post-- isn't actually in focus. I think the lens focused on something just behind me. The photographer got two shots of the girls and I, but the one I shared here is the better one. Kind of bummed and am trying to figure out if I want to drop $20 on an out-of-focus yet crazy-awesome race photo.

I found out Sunday night that Iris had been videoing me coming in to the finish line and when I grabbed the girls to run in with me she just held Matt's phone in her hand and took off. The video doesn't show much, but it's pretty cool to hear the audio of the commotion of crossing the line, hugging the girls, getting my timing chip off and then finding Matt. I can't say enough how much I love having some many mementos of that day!

Sizing up the punching bag.

My soreness has been surprising. My quads are pretty tender and it hurts a bit to walk up and down steps, but besides that I am actually in decent shape. The things that I was worrying about, namely my shins and right hamstring, are no more sore than they usually are, which is kind of amazing. Since I do so many things for my legs from stretching to icing to rolling to massages to arnica gel to compression socks to a stint with kinesiology tape . . . I don't know what exactly helped. I DO know I am happy my legs are not in worse shape after the race! I went in for my massage Tuesday night and my therapist said my legs are feeling stronger than even the first time I went in, so that's good news. Wednesday morning I did an easy three mile run and felt fine, though more tired than I wished I was. They say you taper down until the race . . . then taper back up when it is over! This weekend I have my sights set of lots of miles.

I special ordered a really cool necklace off of etsy to commemorate the experience and I can't wait to post a picture when it comes! I wanted something that was about running a half but was unique to ME and I think I came up with a cute idea. Will post about that separately since it was such an awesome experience working with this particular etsy seller.

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