Friday, May 04, 2012

My awesome new half-marathon necklace

I was going to write about this in my previous post, but really, this necklace deserved its own post!

On Monday morning I was cruising around etsy just a bit looking for a necklace to commemorate my 13.1 experience. I just entered "13.1" as my search parameters and started digging through a few posts. Everything looked nice, but nothing was jumping out at me. I wanted something personal and a bit unique but still wanted it to be simple. My eye was caught by a listing from the seller Debbie, whose shop is called The Run Home. I liked the handcrafted, stamped metal jewelry she had for sale but still wanted something a bit more personal. I noticed there was a link to request a custom item. I thought for a moment about what I would get if I could get anything I wanted . . . . and then it came to me!

A long while ago at a track workout one night my running coach asked each of us what we tell ourselves to keep ourselves going when we are running our intervals. I had always played with words to pump myself up while out there (instead of saying things like "don't die, you are almost done!" I try to say things like "you are doing great!") so I blurted out "I am strong and I am awesome!" This phrase not only stuck with me for the past few months, but also my coach and some of my running friends. It is, well, an awesome phrase! So when I thought about what I would get on a custom necklace I picked the words strong and awesome with a 13.1 disc to go along with them. Running a half marathon at a pace I never thought I could run it was certainly one of the most strong and awesome experiences of my entire life!

I sent a message to Debbie asking if she could make this custom piece and she responded within half an hour or so. We then sent a few more messages back and forth and she created a listing for me and I paid for it all within a couple of hours of my initial inquiry. I got a message the next day saying my package was on its way! The whole time Debbie was so incredibly nice and seemed truly excited about making my custom necklace.

Well, the necklace arrived today! I can't even believe I placed a custom order on Monday and it was in my mailbox, all the way from Georgia to Seattle, on Friday. It is even better than I thought it would be! My ONLY (minor) complaint about the etsy site is that I didn't see any pictures of an actual person modelling the jewelry so I had a hard time visualizing what the necklace would look like on, but it is exactly perfect.

The packaging, complete with a personal note.
Definitely handled with care!

Cute black box inside the tissue paper.

Close up of my necklace. PERFECT!
I can even get more charms for it in the future if I want (maybe a 26.2 charm???)

Smiling me with a phone self-portait. I love the size of the necklace. 
The necklace came on a cardboard holder in a plastic bag that is supposed to help keep it from tarnishing. It also came with a little cloth to help clean it.

Overall I HIGHLY recommend The Run Home. Everything about my experience with this seller was perfect. Maybe there is a running necklace in your future, too?


  1. Hi Sybil! So happy to hear you love your new necklace! I LOVED creating it for you! I love your motto and what a great story to go with it! You ARE strong and awesome! Super congrats on your half marathon!
    Run safe and always RUN HOME!

  2. Aw, thanks for finding my post, Debbie! I was going to send it to you. Love, love, love my necklace and it has even sparked some conversations, too!

  3. So. Awesome. Your progress in the past year is totally inspiring! Love the necklace:)

  4. You are strong and you are awesome, so it's very appropriate too.


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