Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running wild: weekly wrap-up

Another decent week of running! It was fun to do another race this week. I think three days of running plus a fourth day for a race really works for me, too bad racing takes so much out of me! I spent most of my runs this week contemplating whether or not I am ready to train for a fall marathon.

Total miles: 20

Monday: rest day
I have generally taken to having a rest day on Monday, so there you go!

Tuesday: 4 miles at intervals class
Our instructor was out of town this week so some of us in the class got together to run anyways. We tackled a super, super steep hill that was .6 miles long (so, down and back up) and then I ran the rest of the miles on the track just trying to keep the pace up.

Wednesday: 4.7 miles
I was attempting to do a 5 mile early morning run but my stomach was not at all happy with me so I had to walk a lot of the last two miles. Cut the run short.

Thursday: 2 miles and bootcamp
The absolutely gorgeous sunny and warm day of course turned cool and rainy before outdoor bootcamp started! I ran the two miles to class and did the workout. We had to do a bunch of sprints which always kills my legs. The plan was to run the two miles back home, but I hitched a ride with a friend. I felt too sore and cold/wet to run.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 9.3 miles
I ran the Seattle's Best 15K! Recap HERE.

Sunday: rest day
Too sore and tired to run so I swapped the rest day for Monday.

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