Monday, May 07, 2012

Running wild: weekly wrap-up

It has been a phenomenal week post half-marathon!

Total miles: 19.3 (yes, just short of 20 miles AGAIN!)

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: rest and massage day! I needed that massage and by Wednesday morning I was back to normal.

Wednesday: 3 miles
I took the miles slowly. It is amazing and a little bit annoying when you have just done 13.1 miles at an average pace of 9:00 to kind of struggle with a 10:00 pace for three miles! Ah well. It felt good to get back out there.

Thursday: hour of bootcamp
Nothing special, but I did get over my complete disdain for jump-roping by competing in a jump-roping contest! I didn't win, but I still jumped more than I thought I would!

Friday: rest day
I was supposed to run but I didn't make the time for it.

Saturday: 6 miles
This was supposed to be a reunion with my BRF after not running with her for over a month but alas, she had to cancel due to illness. Boo hoo. I went out myself and had a decent six mile run.

Sunday: 10.3 miles
I was scheduled to run a 10K that was about four miles from my house, so I decided to "pull a Dean Karnazes" and run to the starting line (I always read about Dean getting in extra miles by running to the start lines, even running a full marathon to get to the Boston marathon start line!). I am not sure if that was a good idea or not, however. I ran the 10K, and even set a PR, but I was HURTING by the end. Like, trying to figure out if I was going to finish . . . or collapse. The second half of the race my right side was hurting, a side stitch, I suppose it was. It felt like I had a knife in my side. Stopping for a second, holding my arm above my head and breathing deep, none of it helped. It got progressively worse until the last 2K or so when my left side decided to join in the action. I even stopped to walk less than a minute before I finished, I just couldn't bear it. Ugh! Not sure what that was about. I ran the whole race with my buddy C from my classes-- and she rocked it. A couple of weeks ago she ran what was, I think, her first sub-hour 10K. Today she finished a couple of seconds behind my 53:23 time! She placed first in her age group and won a medal (um, did I mention she is 12 years older than me?! She is amazing!!!!). I had a pleasant surprise in that I won a medal, too! Third female 10K finisher overall. My first ever place medal in a race!

Three winners! I *think* we all set PRs, too! 
This picture cracks me up because I think you can see how
 excited I am in the goofy giant smile on my face! 
Lookin' strong! This was at about the 1 or 2K mark.
I think we should be a Nike ad!
Um, and check that out, I have visible muscle on my legs!

The girls ran in the kids' race, too. They were the only two who ran this time but every kid gets a medal in the kids' race. Iris ran so hard she almost threw up at the end. They each had a time of about 4:4x for the 1/2 mile which is really good! My little runners!!!!

Go! The girls ran with my friend/their babysitter, J, who was helping with the race.
Iris was very serious about beating her sister,
maybe because Eloise finished before her last weekend? 

Winners are grinners!

All in all, it was a lovely week of running. I maybe, sorta, probably sent my BRF a proposal to start a marathon training plan . . . . we'll see what she says. I know she wants to do one eventually but isn't quite sure if she will be ready by July 1st. I am crazy and naive enough to go for it! 

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