Sunday, May 13, 2012

Running wild: weekly wrap-up

I am not sure what is up with me this week. Every run felt like such a chore. The weather has been great, I am sleeping enough . . . my runs have even helped me have "me" time with Matt gone for a few days, but still I have felt kind of blah about running. My right hamstring is suddenly hating me again, too, so that doesn't really help matters much.

Total weekly miles: 21.7

Monday: rest day
After my 10+ miles on Sunday, including a PR in a 10K, no way was I running on Monday!

Tuesday: 3 miles
This was my overall total at intervals class. We did some warm-up laps and strength exercises before setting out on a 400 meter interval, an 800 meter interval and then finally our 1600 meter, or one mile, interval. I did my 400 WAY too fast and slowed down quite a bit on my 800. Despite feeling kind of flat that night I tied my one mile with my PR that I ran in March or April.

Wednesday: rest day
The babysitter was going to come so I could get a few miles in but I wasn't feeling super hot (my blahs were more like "ughs" that day) so I took the day off.

Thursday: 4 miles plus bootcamp
I ran both ways to bootcamp, which was a nice make-up for not running on Wednesday. Bootcamp was fun, a few of us in the class had our own class as our instructor was out of town! We still rocked it and had a lot of fun.

Friday: 3 miles
It was a gorgeous night so my family waited for me at the beach while I did a few miles along the waterfront.

Saturday: 8.6 miles
I was finally able to coordinate my schedule with my favoritest two running friends, M and B, so we could run together after a few weeks of having mis-matched schedules. I think it's going to be that kind of spring/summer! It was a gorgeous morning to be running on Alki with the sound, mountains, islands and downtown Seattle as our backdrop.

Sunday: 3.1 miles
The Color Run with my family! I mostly walked this, but we went far enough, so I am counting it!

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