Monday, May 21, 2012

Sharing instagram pictures

I have seen some blogs do a day where they share a week's worth of instagram photos and I always thought they were a great idea. It still seems incredibly daunting to have to email a link to the photo to myself from my phone then open the link from my email on my laptop and then save it to eventually post it here . . . but I will give it a try in an effort to share more photos here!

I think most people do an instragram Friday, but you, my friends, get in here on Monday!

Eloise looking on as Iris gets her teeth cleaned.

Last week Iris and I chaperoned Eloise's kindergarten class when they visited the Seattle Mounted Police Department's horse stables! It was so much fun. The horses were quite majestic and very friendly!

Today Iris and I chaperoned another field trip for Eloise's class. We checked out low tide on the Puget Sound. In the rain. We went to a beach I have never explored before and there were so many amazing creatures to see! Below is the first purple sea star I saw, but after a while, I stopped counting how many of them there were. Above is Eloise playing with her favorite part of the beach . . . the wet sand. Crazy kid!

On Saturday the girls were having a blast playing together for pretty much the whole day. Or so I was told. I was gone most of the morning then sick in bed most of the afternoon.

On Sunday I finally hung a bulletin board near my desk to display some of my running stuff. All of my bibs are in a stack on the top with my *favorite* one displayed below. And then my medals to the right and my training schedule to the left. Eloise added a little card for me, too.

This the most beautiful iris growing in my iris bed right now. I would say about 90% of my irises are yellow, a few are royal purple and white, then there is this beauty! Seeing as how I named my first born Iris, well, you can imagine how I feel about these flowers. That said, the bed is being totally over-run with weeds and I am so overwhelmed by them I walk by with my blinders on. If I don't get to the weeds soon I can leave them for the lawn service I recently hired to tackle them! 

I don't actually use instagram for any reason other than to take and share pictures on facebook, but if you want to follow me, I am sybilrra. My apologies in advance if I don't follow you back (I am not following anyone!)

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