Sunday, June 17, 2012

Running wild: weekly re-cap

What a great week of running! Lots to share . . . 

Week one of marathon training.

Weekly total: 24.1 miles

Monday: 3 miles
This was my first run post-ablation. I was kinda terrified I would feel awful, but it was the exact opposite-- I felt great! I think having a decent recovery from surgery plus not running for four days left me with wonderfully rested legs that were ready to RUN!

Tuesday: 3 miles
Tuesday is intervals class day. I told myself do not push it if I don't feel like it AND I had to drag along my girls at the last minute. It would turn out, the instructor scheduled my favorite intervals session: 3 x 1 mile. I did my first interval in 8:45, the second in 8:15 and the last in . . . 7:22! My new mile PR! Needless to say, I felt pretty good. It was nice to be running fast during my favorite workout. 

Wednesday: 4 miles
An early morning 4 mile run. Nothin' fancy. These are going to end up being my second longest run of the week as marathon training progresses.

Thursday: bootcamp
I got acupuncture for my hamstring on Thursday morning, which was nice. It felt good in the moment, but sadly, I don't feel any different now (three days later). I know I am supposed to go back for more, that one treatment wasn't going to be enough. So, the acupuncturist told me not to run that day, which annoyed me. I didn't run to/from class like I usually do and tried to keep it on the easy side at class.

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.9 miles
Tempo run near my in-laws house. I felt okay, just hate early morning on an empty stomach runs. 

Post 10+ miler strong girl pose! 

Sunday: 10.2 miles
Last long run before the Seattle Rock-n-Roll half marathon! It was a tough run, I won't lie. One thing I did new this time was switch up my early-morning eating. I put a peanut butter sandwich and banana next to my bed and set my alarm for 5:00 am. I woke up, ate the food, had some water, and fell back asleep. Next alarm went off at 7:00 am and I was ready to run. I felt great! Much better than on an empty stomach. The weather where my in-laws live was HOT and WINDY. Ugh. The wind helped with the heat, but it kicked my butt. Oh, I didn't mention the HILLS, either! My pace was very, very slow overall since I took lots of walking breaks for drinking water and I crossed a bazillion streets so there was lots of waiting. But I did it, I kicked booty, and I am ready for the Rock-n-Roll. Or so I think. Ha! I printed out a pace chart with a goal of (gulp) 1:55. We shall see. The course is hilly. Right now the forecast says 64* high for the day and a 40% chance of rain. Of course that can change enormously in seven days! Better than 70* at 8:00 a.m. and 15 mph wind! 

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