Sunday, June 03, 2012

Running wild: weekly wrap-up

Another lovely week of running, capped off with my longest run of my training for the Rock-n-Roll Seattle Half Marathon. I am so looking forward to that race! It's going to be such a huge crowd and, I anticipate, a lot of fun.

Total miles: 21.6

Monday: REST
Mondays are my scheduled rest days now, Woo-Hoo!

Tuesday: 3 miles of hills!
What a tough intervals class, it was all about the hills. Earlier in the day I walked three separate times for a total of 3 miles, with 2 of them being up very steep hills. I show up at class at guess what, more hills! After a hilly warm-up we (tried to) sprint up a hill that was just under 400 meters or so six times. Well, I did six. Was supposed to do eight but I was D-O-N-E.

Wednesday: 3 miles
This was a nice, short, easy early morning run.

Thursday: 4 miles and bootcamp
I am sort of starting to follow the weekday runs for my marathon training plan even though I don't "officially" begin the plan until the 11th. My plan called for 4 miles on a weekend day, which I would have done Sunday. Since my long run was going to be on Saturday I decided to run to bootcamp this night and get the miles out of the way so I could have two rest days in a row Sunday and Monday. Ahhh. I am so smart! Bootcamp was a fun and tough workout, we did crazy things like this:

The first half was just a circuit of different exercises, but they were all tough! One of them was a push-up with our feet up on a ledge! I could only do five of those at a time before screaming "Uncle!" The second half was a relay where we ran through cones, then sprinted up a slight incline, then grabbed a weight and went down then back up a flight of stairs, dropped the weight and back down the stairs, then run through gravel, do ten mountain climbers and finish with a weighted ball pass. We did two relays in a row then had a break for one relay for a total of eight relays run. I was very, very sweaty at the end.

Friday: REST
Friday is my other scheduled rest day.

Saturday: 11.6 miles
I ran on the Burke-Gilman trail with a couple of acquaintances who are becoming friends. Super fun to chat non-stop for a two hour run! We kept our pace nice and slow (averaged 10:24 min/mile) which is just what I need to do for those long runs. We talked about all sorts of stuff, but since they had both run several marathons, including running the Portland Marathon, it was especially wonderful to chat about marathons with them!

Sunday: REST
Wasn't supposed to be a rest day, but I ran my 4 miles on Thursday. Yay, me!

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