Monday, June 18, 2012

Someone turned eight . . .

. . . . without my permission. Hrmpf.

Oh, my sweet Iris. You are my big, amazing, constantly growing dear god please stop growing! eight year old.

Iris at her 8th birthday party. Photo by her dad.
At the end of last year's birthday post I predicted seven would be a great year for you. I had begun to see glimmers of independence as you rapidly approached seven. I had no idea how right I would end up being. Seven was a year of really figuring out who you are.

This past year has held so very much growth, but more than just physical. I probably say this every year, but I think you have changed more this year than in any other since you were just a wee baby. I have watched you work  incredibly hard through your year of homeschooling, through many weeks of therapy, through moving towards being more independent in so many areas and becoming a better friend and role model for your sister.

Iris and Eloise reading on the ipad. Photo by me.
I have had the tremendous honor of being your mom AND your teacher this year. It was quite a transition for the both of us, equally beautiful and tumultuous. You are brilliant, creative and stubborn. You are ready for public school next year and I think you're going to do an amazing job off on your new adventure! 

This year you have become so much more interested in technology, deftly navigating ipods, ipad, laptops and creating your own hilarious and smart videos.

You have grown to enjoy more mature books and have started writing more complex stories, illustrating them with detailed, thoughtful pictures.

Feeding ducks, Iris style. Photo by her dad.
You make up songs, working through the lyrics countless times until they are just right and fit the melody in your head. When you aren't in the mood to sing your own tunes, you belt out the lyrics to a huge number of songs in your repertoire. 

You have returned to becoming an adventurous eater. Your favorite foods are butter chicken and sushi. You can eat a whole bowl of brussels sprouts or homemade sweet potato/kale/sausage soup. 

This year for your birthday party, you asked to spend time with your family, your grandparents, great-grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin and a couple of friends. It was an absolutely perfect afternoon. 

Waiting for ducks and geese. Photo by her dad. 

You have one very best bestie, K, who you play with on the weekend as often as you can. I know you will really enjoy making more friends at school next year. 

Eight is going to be a year full of adventure, excitement and opportunities galore. We are going to have an incredible amount of fun. 

I love you. 

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