Thursday, June 21, 2012

When fun = stress

I am having one of those "good stress" kind of weeks. A week that is so so so busy, but it's all good stuff, stuff I am looking forward to doing.

This Saturday is the Rock-n-Roll Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon. The race is sort of reaching the tipping point for me where I am not sure if it is more work than it's worth! I think the expo will be fun, but I had to hire a babysitter because I wanted to enjoy myself without two squirrely children in tow. My original plan was to make a fun event out of it and go with a friend, but now she can't go as she can't get childcare for her young daughter. I think the Another Mother Runner party tonight (that Sarah invited me to, I feel so special!) will be fun, but we are having yet another babysitter so I could do that, too. Iris was just with a babysitter yesterday so I could go to an appointment and do some errands and a training run. It kind of takes a lot of work to plan fun things, I guess.

Friday I am home all day as it is Eloise's last day of school and Iris and I will be in the classroom to volunteer for the second half of the day. After school is a break before heading back out with the girls for the ice cream social and picnic. After that we are all going to go check out the R-n-R course again to find the perfect spot for my family to stand and cheer me on. And then I come home and go to bed so I can be up at what is likely the most ungodly hour ever.

And then Saturday is race day. You know what I am most concerned about on race day? It's not running 13.1 miles. It's not the hills. It's not the forecast of a high of 60 with chance of showers. It's not even getting up at the formentioned ungodly hour. It's getting to the race. My friends have sent a few dozen emails back and forth trying to figure out how early to leave West Seattle, where to get dropped off or where to park (I think the jury is still out on what option we will use). It is so stress-inducing for someone like me who likes, no needs, to have a specific plan and then have everything go according to said plan.

After Saturday summer vacation begins! Whew.

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