Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fixing my wonky gait

This morning I finally got in to see my new PT about my knee pain. I am very excited about working with her and fixing my issues . . . of which I have some a few of.

I expected her to hammer home the ideas of stretching and strengthening, which is what my previous PT did. Instead she checked out a bunch of things about my body and the way it moves and then had me run on the treadmill for a while. She video taped me and had me watch the video while she explained what she was noticing. It turns out one of my legs kind of collapses in every time I land on it and my pelvis becomes quite tilted. It was actually surprising to me that I am able to run as well as I do after watching how terrible my gait looks on video! My foot strikes where it should (phew!) but other than that, yeah, I am kind of a mess. I also actually kind of lean back from center as I run, which isn't good at all. This all means I have to start working on what are basically the chi running ideas (she never specifically referred to chi running, but the ideas were all the same). I also have to practice stepping forward while keeping my pelvis level. I would definitely benefit from having a full length mirror to stand in front of . . . I need to get my hands on one. I also am in the market for new running shoes, as my Brooks Adrenalines are too much shoe for me to be dragging along when I don't have a need for that much support. This definitely excites me, I have had my eyes on some neutral shoes for a while!

My PT also thinks we should know in a week or two if I am going to be able to run my marathon, but in the meantime I need to keep my fitness level up. Whatever I have scheduled for running I need to get those minutes in on the elliptical. Not fun, but you know what, I will do what it takes!

Has anyone else had success changing the way you run? How much work did it take?


  1. Look at all the miles you've run (widget on the sidebar)! Holy cats. I want to go get video taped to get a shoe recommendation. I'm sure it won't be as thorough as with a PT but my friend said it was really cool. Good luck, Sybil. I have a feeling you can do whatever it takes to keep running!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Yes, it's amazing how many miles a person can run kind of lopsided! ha ha.
      You know what, you can even have someone stand and video you on a treadmill. Watch it in slow-mo and you can see if your pelvis stays level, where your feet strike, all of that good stuff. Some shoe stores will video you, too. The one I went to only took video of my feet, however. It helps you figure out the right shoes, but it doesn't give you a clear picture of your gait. Definitely get a good pair of shoes if you are going to keep running!


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