Thursday, July 12, 2012

My first DNS

Due to all of this leg pain, I am going to have my first ever DNS (did not start) in a race, which is the See Jane Run half. Quite bummed. I was looking forward to meeting some friends there and have one of my male running friends jump in and run some with me. Definitely a good thing I paid under $40 for the entry fee, otherwise this would be tougher to swallow. I offered my bib up for free to some local gals I know, but I am not sure anyone can use it.

Well, onward and upward!

This weekend I am going to make friends with an elliptical machine. My mom has one of those bad boys and the couple of times I used it I felt like I was going to fall off, so it might be interesting. My new PT said I can try to run as many miles as I can before my knee hurts and then finish my miles on the elliptical. Um, I have 13 miles on my schedule this weekend. It might be a bit brutal, but I will do whatever I need to to continue training through this.


  1. Oh, Sybil. :( I'm sorry about your leg pain. I agree with your seems kind of early to make a decision about your marathon. Just keep it in the back of your mind, as your coach is definitely experienced, but see how it goes. I hope the eliptical thing works out. I just read both of these last posts and loved to hear how much you love running. that is so cool. I'm so glad you found it. :)


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