Monday, July 02, 2012

Running wild: weekly re-cap

A great week of running post-RnR! I am really happy with how marathon training is going. I *think* this is the lowest mileage of any week until the marathon! Gulp! My long run this week was only seven miles. It kind of cracks me up that I consider it "only" seven miles. A cake walk! (okay, not really)

Total miles: 22.2

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles

Intervals class was good. I took it a little easier since I it was the first time I had run since RnR. We ran 1x800 1x1600 1x800.

Wednesday: 5 miles

I ran at Green Lake and it was a beautiful morning!

Thursday: 4 miles plus bootcamp

I ran to/from bootcamp and class this week, well, wasn't. Our instructor was sick and everyone but my friend Sarah and I couldn't come. Sarah and I did our own workout and it was a blast!

Friday: Rest and stretch

I spent a huge amount of time on my butt on Friday. Ahhhh. I also decided to add dedicated stretching/gentle strengthening exercises to my training schedule, as well, instead of just doing it randomly whenever I had time or remembered to do it! Going to try to do them four times per week.

Saturday: 3 miles

I ran this as more of a tempo run, which means I did a shorter run at a faster pace than I usually train at. While running I was thinking a lot about my upcoming 5K-- The Float Dodger 5K . I ran two 5Ks last fall/winter, my PR stands at 30:00. Obviously I can do a wee bit faster than that now, so I am gunning for my sub-25:00 5K on this one. I don't really know that much about racing a 5K, so we shall see!

Sunday: 7.2 miles

I was super happy to be running with both of my running besties again! These are the two who are following my training plan for the Portland Marathon but not running the marathon. How amazing are they?! I mapped a route that took us up a .8 mile hill right at the beginning and it was downhill and then flat after that. It was a great run. The weather was perfect and we had lots to chat about the whole way. Ending at the coffee shop that serves Caffe Moles was pretty much icing on the cake!

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