Sunday, July 15, 2012

Running wild: weekly re-cap

I am writing this from hot and sunny central Washington, wrapping up a crappy week of running.

Total miles: 9 miles run

Monday: rest and SUPing

The most exciting thing I did this week was try SUPing, or stand-up paddle boarding. Or as I like to call it, KPing, kneel paddleboarding. It was so very much harder than I thought it would be! My friend and I, she was also doing it for the first time, went to ladies' night at the local paddle boarding place on the Puget Sound. They gave us the quick and dirty overview and sent us on our merry way. The water was pretty calm and it was a gorgeous night. I spotted many jellyfish in the water, as well, which was cool. I tried to stand up twice but it took all I had to not tip over and I couldn't paddle and stand at the same time. I was terrified to dump, the water was freezing, I didn't know how I would get back on to the board and I was convinced I would be stung by jellyfish. Later a friend told me the jellyfish in Puget Sound aren't the stinging kind, which I never officially confirmed. So I knelt the whole time. I can't wait to try and try again, though, as I am a water baby at heart and I just loved being out on the water.

Tuesday: 3 miles

At intervals class we started at the top of a 6% grade hill and ran down, then back up, then down and then kind of raced each other back up. I pushed it, but not too hard. Not as hard as I like to. I decided to not do another down and up to protect my knee.

Wednesday: rest

I was supposed to run 6 miles.

Thursday: bootcamp

It was a good class, though I hated the sprinting and some of the exercises where I felt sure I was going to break my ankle. I took it easy when I needed to and pushed when I could. My abs are still sore 60 hours later, so that is probably a good sign! I love when I get sore from my workouts, it doesn't happen every time anymore.

Friday: 4 miles run/walk

I took it very, very easy on my run. I think my pace averaged over 11:00 min/mile. I hoped to run 6 miles to make up for Wednesday but my knee wasn't having it. I ran about 75/% of the time and took walking breaks. I tried out this IT band wrap but I don't think it did anything. Maybe I didn't have it on right, who knows.

Saturday: 2 miles run/walk and 30 mins elliptical

My mother-in-law took my to her fitness center and I enjoyed trying out the elliptical. It was hard to tell how hard the workout was, it just felt so different to me from running. After 30 mins on the elliptical I tried to do two miles on the treadmill. My knee felt good for a mile and a half then I had to start slowing down. It is amazing how quickly I go from feeling totally fine to hurting.

Sunday: rest

Today is my DNS for the See Jane Run half marathon. *sniff*

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