Sunday, July 08, 2012

Running wild: weekly wrap-up

It was a fun and frustrating week of running for me. Fun because the weather has been beautiful and I did a couple of amazing runs with friends. Frustrating because my IT band on my left leg has been causing me some serious knee pain while I run. The afternoon after the Rock-n-Roll half marathon my knee suddenly became really painful to walk on and throbbed when I laid down. My massage therapist told me it was likely my IT band and she did some work on it the day after the half and then I felt totally fine. I have run a few times since that race with no issues at all and then this past Wednesday about 3 miles in to a 5.3 mile run it started hurting again. It hurt again hiking on Thursday morning and running on Thursday night. I took Friday and Saturday off, stretched and rolled a bunch but it hurt again today! I started feeling it about 5 miles in and by the end it was super painful, luckily it felt slightly better while running, versus walking. Anyways, it sucks. I need to figure something out.

Total miles: 22 miles run, 5 miles hiked

Monday: rest and yoga

I was happy to get in a session of yoga this week, it has been a while!

Tuesday: 3 miles

I couldn't go to intervals class so I did some sprinting/running/walking on my own.

Wednesday: 5.3 miles

I ran around Seward Park and up along the shore of Lake Washington with my friends M and B. It was a gorgeous day and a great run except for two things: my IT band was making my knee hurt a lot and I forgot my Garmin and tried to track the run on my phone . . . and it was somehow way off in the mileage so we ended up only doing 5.3 instead of the 6 on the schedule.

Thursday: 5 miles hiked/walked, 2 miles ran, bootcamp

I went a little overboard on Thursday, but I was overall feeling really good and not like I was overdoing it at all. My knee was a little ouchy on the hike, but not too bad. I started feeling it again on my run to bootcamp. My instructor said the IT pain was probably my body saying I needed to take it a little easier, which I did NOT want to hear. I ended up feeling a little sheepish about my day of exercise and accepted a ride home instead of running back.

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

I had three miles on my schedule, but I decided to take another rest day, per my discussion with my instructor. I definitely felt very restless. I need to find an activity to do on my non-running days to stay active and not further aggravate any injuries.

Sunday: 11.7 miles

Had a beautiful run with M and B. We started at a beach on the sound, ran through a couple of neighborhoods, along a canal and turned around at a park on Lake Union. It was a great run, I felt strong and like I could have picked up the pace, but my knee felt progressively worse as the miles went on. I didn't feel it at all until about mile 5, then it was downhill (figuratively) from there. Every time I stopped at a stop light or to walk and take a drink/gu it felt worse. As long as I stayed running the pain was manageable and I was able to average about 9 min/miles for the last 2-3 miles. I took an ice bath in the girls' kiddie pool when I got home and it felt much better. I think the massage this afternoon will help, too. Not sure what to do for the future, though. So incredibly frustrating.

It sucks that I am enjoying the long miles and my body seems strong enough to handle it, but my legs just aren't happy for some reason.

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  1. Do you have a foam roller? If I roll my IT out regularly, it makes a huge difference. The most often I do it, the easier/less painful it gets. Worth it.


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