Sunday, July 01, 2012

What's on my mind?

All sorts of random things:

1. I have decided on a new blog name and am hopefully getting some balls rolling on a blog re-design! So excited about this. A new blog name has been a loooooong time coming (I haven't nursed a kid in almost three years!) and well, yeah, the current "design" is pretty uninspired.

2. Have I mentioned before how much I love the weather in Seattle? I really do, especially now that I am a runner I love it even more. I am so in love with the fact that we are not having the weather that the entire rest of the country is dealing with:

It is common knowledge that summer in Seattle doesn't start until July 5th (nope, not the 4th, which would be handy!) Here's proof:

70* and sunny is my idea of a perfect summer day. Unless I am in Michigan on my way to the beach, then you need to up that baby by about 10*.

3. I am doing some rather unconventional treatments for my hamstring. My daughter's babysitter is an acupuncture student and she suggested I give it a try for my pain. I figured it wouldn't hurt, I had enormous success using acupuncture in the past (most notably for morning sickness in my pregnancies) and I have an open mind about alternative therapies. I went to a teaching clinic two weeks ago and was treated by an LAc and a team of students. The treatment that felt nice, but had zero lasting effect. I went again on Wednesday and saw a different LAc and students and got a very different treatment. They sent me home with some goodies to keep up the work at home and suggested my hamstring pain couldn't really be helped by acupuncture (oh, really?) So now I have to put a patch on my hamstring that is about 6" by 4" that has some concoction on it that smells strongly of menthol and feels like a huge band-aid. I should wear one between 6-24 hrs every day for a week. I made the mistake of putting one on Thursday morning, forgetting how, um, refreshing I would smell all day as I went about appointments and such. It did feel nice, though! Lesson learned: I will do the next one on at night while I sleep. 

The other thing I am doing is burning little sticks of moxa on three different points on my legs/feet once per day. This is a bit "woo-woo", even for me.

The moxa sticks look like this:

And something a little more like lit cigarette butts on my legs:

They are basically like burning incense on your legs, but they aren't burning you. Unfortunately they are pretty smokey, I did this Thursday night and when I woke up on Friday morning the house reeked like the moxa. The moxa is supposed to help my blood flow, or something.

4. I just signed up to run See Jane Run in Seattle in a couple of weeks. had a smokin' deal, I think I paid just over $30 for the race. I tried to get one of my running besties, a male, to run with me. For a long time he was the lone male in our intervals class and he runs almost every week with my girl friend and I . . . but he said SJR was too many women even for him. Ha! I am planning on using this run as a training run, since I have 13 miles on my marathon training calendar that day, but it might be hard to not race it. We will see. Maybe I can do it under 2:00 without killing myself, the course is quite a bit more flat than RnR. It is almost identical to the Seattle's Best 15K I did in May.

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