Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Interrupt This Summer Vacation to Bring Other News

Our summer is rapidly winding to a close! Since our car had to be left in Montana, due to the car accident (explanation and photos to follow), the girls and I flew back to Seattle instead of drove. Because of this, we gained a week of our summer back! Well, not literally, but seriously, being on the road feels like a time-warp as those days are just mostly lost in long miles and junk food.

But I digress. Summer is wrapping up. When we got back to Seattle we were faced with the unfortunate likelihood that Iris wasn't going to be going to the public school that we wanted her to, the school that her sister attends. Iris was on the waiting list for the school, but as we inched closer to the start of school with no word we all but gave up hope. I attempted to buy school supplies and keep our spirits up, not letting it show how utterly disappointed I was about it-- after all, that would have only added to Iris's anxiety about the situation. I have lost sleep over this whole thing and obsessed over who was getting in to what schools from what wait lists and how we would logistically make the whole thing work . . . . I was a bit of an internal mess. 

And then (drumroll please!) I woke up yesterday morning (very early because I couldn't sleep) to an email from the enrollment office. Iris got in to the school! I told Matt and the girls and we all screamed and celebrated. Immediately the relief washed over me and replaced my worry.

It turned out that good news was on a roll yesterday: later in the morning I got a call from an office that I submitted my resume to for a very part time job. Based on the job description I knew I was highly qualified for it, and would probably really enjoy it. It is the only job I have applied for in the past 6 1/2 years! I looked at my closet this morning and realized I have zero clothes that are appropriate for a work place or an interview. I guess that means I need to go shopping! To be perfectly honest, I am excited about the opportunity as well as nervous about getting back in to the work force. It will be a big change for me! 

There are so many other fun things going on, as well:

*I finally signed up for a gym membership so that I can have access to an elliptical machine because my IT band is still not my friend (okay, THAT isn't a fun thing, but the membership is!). It will be nice to get some cardio in when I can't run and it will be nice to have a gym option on those cold, rainy days that are on their way.

*I headed out with the family to an outdoor concert last night. We met my friend and her family and had an absolute blast. It was a gorgeous night under the Space Needle listening to a great mix of music watching the kids race around and play. Fall is definitely in the air, though!

Our view of the stage and the Space Needle during the show. 

*Tonight that same friend and I are going to another concert. Mamas are getting crazy!

*Sunday night the whole family is going to a Seattle Storm game! This will be the second time Matt has gotten to use a friend's tickets to sit in seats on the court. We went last year and it was so much fun.

More to come! 

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