Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letting Go of the Marathon (for now)

While I was away on my Summer Vacation I finally came to terms with the realization that, because of my IT band injury, a fall marathon just won't happen for me. I think because it took me so long to get to this realization, that actually being here isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think being so incredibly busy right now as summer winds down with school on the horizon, I just don't have a lot of time to get all "poor me". I also know that want to attempt my first marathon strong and healthy and having done as well in my training as I possibly could. Not get there injured and barely trained. I would rather not run at all than run ill-prepared. The only thing I wish was that I could defer my marathon, or even sell the bib, or heck, I would give it away! But alas, it's just money down the drain, and that sucks.

One big thing that has also helped has been talking with friends about it. They have them given me so much encouragement and reminded of how so very far I have come in the past year. It wasn't even a full year ago that I began running, after all. They reminded me that in that time I have run two half marathons (both under two hours), several 10Ks (hitting my goal of a sub-55:00 more than once), and several 5Ks (smashing my goal of a sub 25:00 on my third 5K). I have worked really hard and have had amazing results to show for it. I really have nothing at all to be upset about, other than a bum knee, of course. If I have done anything over the past year to be upset about, it might be the same thing I am proud of: that I pushed myself too hard. 

I have a lot to be proud of, a lot of good to focus on as I postpone my marathon dream. And who knows, maybe the marathon will come this spring or summer? Who knows. I guess my knee will be the judge of that.

Currently the space on my running board where my training calendar usually resides is completely empty. Not even a blank calendar, just nothing. I have been running so little and have not been following any kind of plan or schedule. My running coach suggested that maybe I want to focus on 10Ks for a bit, while I wait to be able to ramp up my miles again. I have been sitting on it and I think that might be a great idea. Maybe I can find a great 10K training plan to focus on that will help reach an even more aggressive 10K goal. A sub 50:00, perhaps? So as I glance at the empty space on my board, I think a 10K training plan might look mighty nice there. Perhaps I can shoot for the Snohomish River Run 10K at the end of October? 

I have the Athleta Iron Girl 10K coming up in September, and the Seattle Marathon half coming up in November. We shall see if I will be able to run that half. I really hope so, but I am okay letting that one go, too. I signed up for both of these races well before my knee pain began. 

Turns out that without the marathon, I still have a lot to look forward to. Mostly, to healing my bum knee and getting back out there better and stronger than ever! 


  1. I feel your pain! I'm doing the Another Mother Runner "finish it" training plan for the Snohomish River 10k. It's great so far, not too intense at all. I'm hoping this will build a good base for me so I can get through the Seattle Half, too, but again taking the training on the easy side since I'm still running with the plantar fasciitis. Hope you can feel good enough to get some running in & do the SNohomish River Run.

    1. Thanks Alma! I was just looking at that plan yesterday, I think I am going to (mostly) follow that one and aim for the SRR. Can't wait to hear more about how the plan goes for you. I don't think I am going to pre-register for the race, hopefully it won't sell out. I just can't stand the thought of losing any more registration fees on races I don't end up running!


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